By Mitchell Bradford


Did you know that Pilgrims hunted? Well you will learn all about them. Pilgrims had a very wide variety of food but Thanksgiving was a bit different. Pilgrims had to work instead of play every day. Pilgrims had to make a living for themselves after work. Pilgrims are very important to American's history so I decided to inform you about them.


Pilgrims ate a lot of food normally but they ate a little bit different at Thanksgiving. Pilgrims normally ate corn, potatoes, deer, bass, cornbread, onions, and eggs. At Thanksgiving they ate turkey, corn, potatoes, yam, cranberry, pie, deer, duck, geese, cod, bass, sourdough bread, cornbread, onions, and eggs with the Wampanoags. They cooked and sauced onions. They also seasoned turkey legs. they ate some berries too. That included cranberries, gooseberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Although the Pilgrims ate all this food some Pilgrims were allergic.


Since there were many Pilgrims, many had to work or make a hobby. One of their jobs was hunting. They hunted rabbit, squirrel, wild turkey, deer, duck, and geese. They mostly hunted deer because it had a lot of meat. Another hobby was farming. They grew corn, beans, squash, pumpkin, and watermelon. They often ate corn more because it grew faster. The last one I'll talk about is fishing. They fished for cod, bass, clams, and mussels. They mostly fished for bass because they were bigger. Even though they had lots of jobs, they had lots of time to play and relax when their jobs were done for the day.


Some Pilgrims didn't have jobs so they had to make a living. Some of us have the same living today. One thing they did was gather food. They gathered corn, wild turkey, duck, fowl, fish, and venison. Of course they had to hunt the turkey, duck, fowl, fish, and venison before they gathered it. Another thing they did was activities. Some of them swam, shot, dodged arrows, weaved, sewed, and ran. Pilgrims also made clothes.they made short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, stockings, shorts, pants, cloaks, and leather shoes and leather boots. When a Pilgrim didn't have a job, they made a living from gathering food, doing activities, and making clothes.


The Pilgrims sailed to America in 1642 to start new life. Pilgrims ate differently at Thanksgiving. Pilgrims had to work hard even if they didn't want to. When the Pilgrims didn't have a job they made a living for themselves. I hope you learned a lot about Pilgrims in this piece and that they were very important to American's history.


American: A person born, raised, or living in the U.S.

Cloak: A piece of clothing used as a coat, that has no sleeves, and that is worn over the shoulders and attached at the neck.

Pilgrim: Someone who travels to a holy place.


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