A lesson on Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying

Would you give your phone number to a complete stranger?

Definitely not! But when we are on the Internet, there is a chance that we may be unwittingly made to do it-- reveal our personal information, and become victims of crimes that never should have happened in the first place.

It is worth your time to click on the following links to read about how to keep yourself safe on the Internet and how to deal with cyber bullies.

YOUR RESPONSE (Please read instructions below)

After reading about the dangers lurking in every corner of every social networking scene and after knowing the real threats of cyber bullying, what can you do to educate your peers about these dangers and how to protect themselves from these? Choose from any of these ways of informing your fellow youth:

Create an an anti-cyber bullying poster: Use Glogster or Smore

Create a 1-minute video that informs young people of how they could be vulnerable to "internet crimes."

Design a week-long workshop for middle school children on (1) how to keep oneself safe on the internet and (2) how to deal with cyber bullying

Use the resources/links above to help you create your responses, and watch the video below for inspiration. Words and pictures, do have power! Surf the Net for more relevant resources. Just remember to stay away from questionable websites-- and stay safe all the time!

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