EBE Home Connections

February 22, 2021

Message from Mr. Hanzeli

Hello Elger Bay Families!

I was looking ahead on our calendar for the next month and am really encouraged and hoping that we can get in six uninterrupted weeks before spring break to work hard with our students and make as much progress as possible. We have now settled into having all six grade levels in for the hybrid system and our teachers are creating and designing instruction to help each child grow and learn.

Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or child's case manager if you have questions.

In the meanwhile, our district is doing all it can to keep things safe for everyone and following any new updates from our local departments of health. To that end, you may have received my brief heads up Email earlier this week regarding the updated requirement that gaiters are no longer an acceptable protective covering and that cloth face masks are the new requirement (see Family Message below for further information). Thank you for helping your child make this adjustment.

~ Mr. Hanzeli

Important Upcoming Dates

Thursday / Friday, April 1-2

Half Days for Students; Progress Conferences

Monday - Friday, April 5-9

Spring Break

SCSD Friday Family Message, 2.19.21 (Repeat)

Good Afternoon, Families and Staff,

We only have a few updates for you today, mostly in regards to our hybrid plan for secondary students.


Transportation information is now available for Grades K through 12. Parents are able to access individual student transportation online. The Versatran eLink is the portal to access bus routes, stop time, location, and the bus your child will be riding. If you do not see your student(s) transportation information, please contact your student(s)’ school.

Click here for instructions on finding bus routes.

Click here to go to the Versatrans eLink

New Mask Requirements

New variants of coronavirus have been verified in Snohomish County. The CDC recommends double layers for all masks. After careful consideration, conversations with our local health districts, district nurses, and with guidance from the CDC, students and staff may no longer use gaiters as a cloth face covering. The new variants of the coronavirus are more easily transmitted. This change will provide additional protection to all people on our campuses. The CDC recommends that masks:

  • Have two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric

  • Completely cover your nose and mouth

  • Fit snugly against the sides of your face and don’t have gaps

  • Have a nose wire to prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask

Secondary (Middle and High School) Hybrid

Our middle school students and high school special populations will begin a hybrid learning model beginning Monday, February 22. All families/students need to be aware of the expectations below:

Secondary (Middle and High School) Return Student Expectations

We are excited to have your child(ren) return to school and have outlined some expectations

in order to maintain health and safety and minimize the transmission of COVID-19. The following are student expectations:

  1. Students will be screened prior to entering the school facility. This includes:

    1. Factually answering questions about their health.

    2. Having their temperature taken.

  2. Students will be expected to properly wear a cloth or blue paper mask that covers both their mouth and nose. (Exceptions have been made for alternate PPE in very specific situations)

  3. Students will remain at least 6 feet apart from other students and staff at all times.

  4. In physical education classes students are expected to remain 6 feet apart.

  5. In performing arts classes students are expected to remain 9 feet apart when engaging in activities.

  6. In band classes students are expected to maintain a minimum of 9 feet of distance between individuals in the classroom when playing an instrument. Appropriate covers must be in place on the instruments and appropriate masks must be worn.

  7. Students will not eat in the school facility except in the case of a medical requirement. Students may be allowed to eat a snack outside the facility before and after school with social distancing.

  8. Students will be allowed to bring water bottles and with teacher permission, step outside the classroom to consume water.

  9. Students will use restroom facilities during class with teacher permission in order to prevent multiple students in the restroom.

  10. Students will adhere to posted occupancy maximums in classrooms and bathrooms.

  11. Cell phone use will not be permitted in the classrooms.

EBE Snow Day(s) and Distance Learning Plan

CLICK on this BUTTON to access the the EBE Grade Level / Program Distance Learning Plan.