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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - 11.22.2020

Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

As we enter Thanksgiving week, I want you to focus on the positives in your life that you have to be thankful for. This has been a rough year, and I know this Thanksgiving may be different for many of us compared to year's past. It is easy to be upset and to focus on the negatives. We need to force ourselves to see the bright lights during a dim time. Please know how thankful I am for each member of our Bishop Woods family. We are all here to support one another...always. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. I am always thankful for the kind words that are sent to me by staff, students and parents.

Thank you to all of the staff and families that participated in our Reverse Parade on Tuesday, November 17th! Special thanks to Ms. Seiden and Ms. Wright for leading this event, and to Ms. Torello for making the video for all to enjoy! Our efforts also resulted in collecting 9 boxes of non-perishable items to share with families for the holidays!! Just click on the button below to watch the video!

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week will be a short week. We will follow our regular schedule Monday - Wednesday, and there will be no school on Thursday or Friday.

If you were unable to meet with your child's teacher for marking period 1 report card conferences, please reach out to him/her to scheduled an appointment at a mutually convenient time. Our goal is to have 100% of families participate in conferences. We are currently at 62% completion for the school. Our kindergarten families lead with 86% attending conferences, followed by grade 5 (76%) and grade 1 (73%)!

Save the Date: Our next round of supply distribution will be on Saturday, December 5th from 10-12pm. More details will be emailed out prior to the event. There will be opportunities for all families that attend to win gift cards and prizes! Look for a flyer soon!

Lastly, in an effort to increase security, our district had asked for everyone to reset their Google password by Friday, 11/20. All students were walked through this process during homeroom on Thursday or Friday. If your child did not complete this task, he/she will need to do so upon logging in on Monday morning. Please see details provided below.

Video Directions:


Technology Troubleshooting Form/Ms. Sirico's Support:


Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving week.

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Natalino

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Sun. 11/22 - Kaden C. (Gr. 5), Devin M. (Gr. 6)

Mon. 11/23 - Syncere R. (Gr. 2)

Tues. 11/24 - Abbas M. (Gr. 1), Jiraiya P. (Gr. 1), Mrs. Chase (Gr. 1 Paraprofessional)

Wed. 11/25 - Eric P. (Gr. 4), Nurse Melissa

Thurs. 11/26 - Nataliah D. (Gr. 4), Lenniel S. (Gr. 1)

Sat. 11/28 - Harlem C. (Gr. 4), Justin J. (Gr. 6), Nyah M. (Gr. 6), Mrs. Lauglin (Grade 1 Teacher)

Sun. 11/29 - Nehemiah A. (Gr. 4), Le'Vian V. (Gr. 2)

Mon. 11/30 - Arielyz C. (Gr. 7)

Tues. 12/1 - London D. (Gr. 2), Gabriella J. (Gr. 1)

Wed. 12/2 - Alejandro X. (Gr. 5)

Thurs. 12/3 - Kweku A. (Gr. 7)

Fri. 12/4 - Cireneo A. (Gr. 7), Jeremia S. (Gr. 5), David W. (Gr. 4)

Important: Changing Google Password

All staff and students were provided with directions for changing their Google passwords on Thursday and Friday. If your child did not change his/her password, the directions for doing so when they log in on Monday are provided in the video at the link below. If you have any issues logging in, please fill out the Technology Troubleshooting Form and Ms. Sirico will be in contact to assist you ASAP.

Video Directions:


Technology Troubleshooting Form/Ms. Sirico's Support:


Click on the button to view our MP 1 PBIS Virtual Award Ceremony!

We are so proud of the hard work of our students for marking period 1. Congratulations to all of the awardees!

Support Our Holiday Fundraiser!

Go to www.giftitforward.com to place your order! Enter fundraising code: BISHOPCT002 and your student's name as referring member. Please be sure to share this information with family and friends as well!
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Virtual After School Program - Register Now!

Any family interested in the Boys & Girls Club After School Program should fill out the application at the following link: https://forms.gle/3fXDtPHsQzwy5mMG6
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Homework Help Hotline: NHPS Students and Families

NHPS has started a Homework Help Line to support students. The Homework Help Line is a collaboration effort with Yale University. If your child is having a problem understanding their homework assignment , they can connect to https://meet.google.com/iur-dbux-zsm

The line is open from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sunday to Thursday.


Spotlight On Kindergarten!

The kindergarten students recently finished their unit on seasons and weather. They had a lot of fun learning about the 4 seasons and the weather associated with each season. We used a weather graph to keep track of the weather every day and noticed patterns in the weather here in New Haven.

In addition, they learned that as humans, we adjust to the weather by changing our clothing. Did you know that animals have adaptations that help them live in their environment? The kindergarten students learned how squirrels, penguins, and ducks adapt to their environment. Using a chart, they were able to compare adaptation similarities and differences.

We focused on ducks and how they have oil on their feathers which makes the water “slide right off.” Experiments were performed to enhance their understanding of the word repel. We learned that certain household materials repel water while others do not.

For their performance task, the students had to apply acquired knowledge to design a raincoat, using household materials that would repel water. Here are some examples of their raincoats!

Mrs. Wright's & Mrs. Estes' Class Shining Bright in Their Shades!!

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Cousins Nataliah D. (Grade 4) & Cataleya D. (Grade 2) - Hard at work together!

Jaydienn G (Grade 2) - Ready for Marking Period 2!

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Gersch Grrrls Science You Tube Channel

Students in Action! (Newsletter Contributions)

Please share any videos, images, quotes, or successes with remote learning each week to our Padlet!

  1. Click the link to the Padlet: https://padlet.com/cara_campo/58q8knqx4rgib18q
  2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Please be sure to add your child's first name, last initial, and grade level to the title of the Padlet. (i.e. Londyn A., Grade 1)
  4. You will have the option to upload or add anything you would like to share with the Bishop Woods school community!
  5. Please submit all entries by Thursday of each school week so we can share in our Sunday Newsletter!

Opportunities From Our Community Partners

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Family Resource Padlet

Rather thank keeping all of this information on the newsletter each week, I have created a Bishop Woods Family Resource Padlet to house all of the important information and resources I have been sharing. The link is below:


Adult Education Programs for High School Diploma and English for English Language Learners.

Do you or someone you know want to return to school to receive your High School Diploma, improve your English or receive your Citizenship?

Registration is open now at the New Haven Adult and Continuing Education Center for on-line classes. Chromebooks available to borrow for registered students, first come. First, serve basis. Please visit website at: www.nhaec.org to register for classes which include: High School Credit (day & evening classes), GED, ESOL, and Citizenship. Classes are FREE for New Haven residents.

Remote Learning Reminders

  • The expectation is that every student logs in to Google Meet with their homeroom teacher at 8:45am every morning (Monday - Friday). The Google Meet link can be found in the banner of the Google Classroom under the Stream tab. Attendance is taken through homeroom. The schedule for the day is also shared at this time.

  • Remember that your child is attending school. He/she should be dressed appropriately, and seated to access instruction. Students should not be attending class while lying in bed!

  • We encourage that your child's camera is on. It is helpful for teachers and students to see one another.

  • Please be cognizant that your child's mic is on, and we can hear what is going on in the background. Even if you think your child's mic is off, it may have been turned on by your child or his/her teacher.

  • The Google Meet links may not be visible when the class is not in session. Teachers activate the meet link during their teaching block, and deactivate on off hours. If you can not find the link outside of scheduled class time, that may be why.

  • Parents should not be present in the video or talking to teachers during instructional time. If you have questions or comments, please contact your child's teacher during his/her office hours.

Attendance - Excused Absences

During remote learning, if your child is ill and unable to access Google Classroom and/or Google Meet, please be sure to email our attendance clerk, Ms. Jacinta Dabney, and Cc your child's homeroom teacher. Ms. Dabney's email is below:


It is important that all excused absences are in writing. A phone call will not suffice.

Thank you for adhering to this protocol.