Noah Sparks

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Decision Making

When making decisions I tend to follow the the Behavioral style. People with that decision making style are Sociable, Friendly, Supportive, Interpersonal social orientation, and Action oriented. Others sometimes perceive my decision making as Wishy-washy, Can’t say no, and Too concerned about others. The best organizational fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for Well-designed and people oriented collegial settings.

Brain Hemisphere

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the the left side of my brain. That means structure, control, clarity, focus, direction, responsibility, organization, planning, mathematical and analytical skills, listening skills, rational and logical thinking. However, sometimes I need more spontaneity, expression, nurturing, social and interpersonal activity, imagination and creativity, artistry, holistic, abstract and conceptual thinking. “Instead, he concluded that ‘the division of the mind is profound,’ with deep roots in evolution, embryonic development, and society. It is profound, but not simplistic: Ornstein shows how the right hemisphere is neither a chimpanzee-like moron nor a mystical genius. It provides the context, the big picture, while the left hemisphere keeps track of the details.”


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My Top 3 Career Choices

Top 3 Colleges

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9th- Work hard at school work, be first string on the 9th grade football team, and start a resume.

10th- Continue working hard at school, tryout for Varsity Football, and maintain resume.

11th- Have a good GPA, get a car, keep up resume, absolutely be on varsity football team, and do SAT and/or ACT.

12th- Get scholarships for schools, try to get some college credit, play Varsity Football, and keep up with grades.


Graduation: May 16, 2020, 8:00 am at Barnhill Arena