Empty Bowls Charity Event!

Bring your money and Apetite!

The Empty Bowls

We at Ypsilanti New tech are hosting a special Empty Bowls to raise money for the Growing Hope charity organization. We will be selling bread and soup for 5$ and if you want to keep a student hand made bowl that the soup will be served in then it is 10$. The food will be provided by other organizations and the RCTC program at the school. There will also be a silent auction for professional hand made bowls that will be happening during this event.

2013 Empty Bowls Charity Event

Thursday, May 16th 2013 at 5:30-7pm

2100 Ellsworth Rd

Ypsilanti, MI

Ypsilanti New Tech @ Ardis

It again will take place at this school and hosted by the students and teachers. You can come in and walk out whenever you want during the time frame. For more information about this event call (734)-714-1500. The Director of this event is Cory McElmeel, the principal of the school. Tickets are available in advance at the website below.