By Julia Sawicki


Biotechnology has the ability to adjust or fix, DNA that may contain a disability gene. Recombinant DNA has the ability to form proteins not usually produced in a cell. Recombinant DNA can also be used in bacteria to increase soil fertility and relieve pollution! Biotechnology can be used in DNA testing, like paternity tests, calculating the percentage of getting a genetic disorder, and in criminal investigations.

Other Biotechnological Uses

Biotechnology can also be used for medical purposes such as in penicillin and insulin. This is done by taking

two protein chains that are encoded by separate genes in plasmids and

inserted into bacteria. The protein chains are then chemically joined to form the final result, which is insulin! Biotechnology is so useful, even in agriculture. Plants can be modified to tolerate specific herbicides, plant diseases, and insects! Lastly, biotechnology can be used in environmental clean up, which is called bio-remediation. Bio-remediation is used when an environment is polluted and needs help. It enhances the growth of pollution-eating microbes already living at the contaminated site, or specialized microbes are added to lessen the contaminant.

Negative Impacts of Biotechnology ):

  • it can create superior viruses that can wipe out huge populations
  • can cause allergic reactions when people eat the biotechnologic plants
  • some long-term affects are unknown
  • it presents new dangers
  • there might be political problems
  • changes in geography of agricultural production

Doctors Use Biotechnology

Doctors get patients almost everyday that are either pregnant and worried about their baby inheriting or contracting a genetic disorder, or are worried about trying for a baby because of genetic disorders. But, with today's great technology doctors are happy to tell their patients that they have a chance of eliminating this fear. Doctors now have the ability to look at the DNA of the child and remove or treat any of the genes containing the disorder, or by testing the parents and sharing the risk percentage of the child having a disorder. Doctors also use insulin, which is a medication made with biotechnology, for patients with diabetes! Doctors use biotechnology very often, and soon enough genetic engineering will be very common!

Research Center

The map above shows the state of North Carolina. North Carolina Biotechnology Center is located just west of Raleigh in Durham, NC.


Apparently North Carolina is among the 5 states for Bio science development. North Carolina's biotech industry grew the fastest out of all the states, from 2001-2010.North Carolina has invested over a billion dollars in researchers. facilities, experiments, training, and more.