September 5, 2014

Staff Meeting - Everyone Attends

Our meeting on Tuesday needs to include everyone in order for Ms. Seymour to review annual testing protocol. She will then dismiss those who may leave if they are not involved in CogAT testing.

No news is good news...?

As of today, I have not heard from GCPS Human Resources regarding a reduction in staff.

I will let everyone know as soon as I hear anything. Until then, follow the link below if you are feeling a bit worried...

Physical "Prompting" VS Restraint

At the district leadership meeting this week, information was shared regarding the differences between physically prompting versus physical restraint of a student.

When a student has to be physically restrained, each event must be recorded and logged for reporting to the Georgia DOE (admin will take care of this unless we ask you to complete the form). The GCPS video link below explains the difference between physical prompting, blocking, and restraint.

Our primary focus is the safety of all students and employees. Verbal attempts at deescalation should occur whenever possible but physical restraint may be used if there is an imminent threat to students or staff. When possible, notify the front office immediately for an administrator to respond; remove students from the area as a safety precaution. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cluster Principal Meeting

Just FYI,

Our Parkview Cluster Principal meeting will be held at Mt. Park on Monday beginning at 11:30 AM in the front office conference room.

Just keeping you informed should any visitors show up in your classroom.

RBES Plan Due September 12

Your initial RBES plan is due Friday, September 12. As a minimum, please have two goals that are aligned with one of our LSPI goals - math, literacy, and STEM. Heather sent out info explaining how to submit your RBES goals.

If you did SPG testing for your classroom, one of your goals should focus on academic improvement with data points being the pre-test and the post-test as well as any other information you wish to provide. Heather will share more information about this soon.

Staff Calendar revisions

Our PLC meetings may change pending final approval of our district support team. They are trying to work around every school's schedule. The concept of district support for targeted schools was pushed out after we had set our staff calendar so please be patient as we finalize plans.

I will let you know as soon as the dates are finalized. The staff calendar in the shared drive is current as of today. Thanks for understanding.

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