Newton's 3 Laws

By: Mary McNeese

Law of Inertia

An object that is stopped will stay stopped until an unbalanced force moves it.

Examples: A car that is stopped at a stoplight then pushes on the gas pedal when the light turns green.

When a rock is sitting on top of a hill then someone pushes the rock down the mountain.

When a door is closed then someone opens the door.

Law of Acceleration

When an object is moving at a constant speed then speeds up or slows down or stops.


When someone kicks a soccer ball and it wants to keep going but someone else stops it with their foot.

When a runner runs sprints by running fast for one minute then running slow for a minute

When a car is at a constant speed then slows down to stop a red light

Law of Action/Reaction

For every action there is some type of reaction


When you mix baking soda and vinegar together it fizzes up

When you put Coke and Mentos together they explode

When you put milk and chocolate syrup together is makes chocolate milk