1906 SanFrancisco Fire & Earthquake

Elijah Rushing

Event Description

The earthquake ruptured over 296 miles. at about 5:12 the earthquake hit San Francisco bay. the earthquake lasted about 45 to 60 seconds it was the strongest earthquake. the earthquake and fire caused around 700 deaths and 189 missing. over 225,000 of the 400,000 were left homeless.

Ecological Impact

About 28,000 buildings were destroyed. about 1/3 of San Francisco about 500 blocks. San Francisco spent about 90 million on all the reconstruction. The fire burned for 3 days and 3 nights some were up to 2,700 degrees. The fire made more damage than the earthquake. There was a great pressure on Redwoods Canyon lumber yard.

Restoration Efforts

The government helped by building cabins for the refugees. The military had helped set up tents for the homless.A large number of buildings in San Francisco were rebuilt exactly as they had been before the earthquake and fire, but there were significant changes as well. On Market Street, for example, many of the smaller buildings were replaced by much taller structures.
Market Street - San Francisco 1906 - After the Earthquake - DashCam View - Silent