Hurricane Ivan

By Matthew brown

Important information

Hurricane Ivan started on September second as a tropical storm. It caused widespread damage in the Cayman islands, Cuba, the gulf coast in America, and it was considered one of the worst hurricanes in 50 years in Grenada. Hurricane Ivan made landfall on September Sixteenth, then began to dissipate. But later, on September 23, it came back as a tropical depression


Hurricane Ivan is in sixth place as the costliest hurricane. It caused 18.8 billion dollars worth of damage. It destroyed over 14000 homes and killed over 120 people. This hurricane was a category 5 and dissipated into a tropical depression.
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Interesting facts

*Hurricane Ivan was considered the storm that wouldn't die because of how long it lasted.

*Ivan is rated as #6 in costliest hurricanes because of the extensive amount of damage it caused.

*Hurricane Ivan caused one of the biggest storm surges ever at 81 feet tall

Hurricane Ivan Destruction