Standardize testing


Pros and Cons


Some believe that standardized testing is an equal way to test all kids, and will provide a better understanding of a student's education level. It is also said that taking these test will prepare kids for test like the Sat and Act, and will get kids oriented with the testing environment. There are many opposing viewpoints on this topic, and are many counterclaims to any kind of positive effect of standardized testing.


Many people believe that taking these test is an unequal and unfair way to measure a student's academic ability. There is a lot of negativity towards testing from students too, they hate sitting in these rooms stipped of their colorful posters, while writing on a black and white booklet for four hours. There are certainly more cons in the realm of standardized testing and there will always be controversy.


I believe that young students pursuit of knowledge because they want to learn, is shattered once they start taking standardized test. These test do not effectively measure intelligence of students and that the test needs to change from a test that can hold you back from greatness.

The time span of when students need to take standardized testing is appalling, from age nine to age 17. When some children still believe in santa are taking a standardized test, when their mind is still exploring the vast world of knowledge about anything they want, is suddenly stopped to learn what is on a piece of paper. A developing mind does not need the stress of trying to memorize the answers of what will be on a piece of paper but needs to be wondering about anything they want even if it's about dinosaurs or more abstract like how to time travel. But they can never have an open discussion about it in class for more than a few minutes because that's not on the test.

Although the test does some good at telling if a student really is having trouble, it's harder today to do that. Before, standardized test was actually useful and was a lot more beneficial to the learning of knowledge for students, but today it's no longer what it was. These test are needed, but the amount of test given to a child have just gotten out of control and is dappening their learning experience.

The goal for teachers is no longer helping these children learn so they can live knowledgeable and knowing how things are, to teaching them and preparing them for a test that they need to pass in order to learn new things.

For example if a child is really interested in the human brain and spends all their time learning about what they want and nothing else. Let's say that they know as much as an adult with a doctorate in neurology and knows everything there is to know about the brain. But when it comes time for a standardized test and there was only one or two questions that relate to the brain, and she fails the test. A child with the knowledge of doctors being forced to be held back from greatness and the pursuit of knowledge.

The test is a highway of everything that needs to be learned in a classroom in order to reach a new road. If you stray from the set path for you to the vast unknown outside the road, the road won't go with you, you will lose your way as the road is unwilling to follow.

The test tries to measure your intelligence by seeing what you know on the paper. If you have the knowledge to prove einstein's theory of relativity wrong and provide a greater explanation. No one would know, because it's not on the test, and you would be seen as unintelligent. The test is too small to measure the different brain of every single student, So the test just makes everything else small with it.

They try to make things better by making more test, but that just makes things worse by making the road longer and harder and does not measure intelligence accurately, replacing the pursuit of knowledge with the pursuit of trying to pass the test.