That's a Wrap

Weekly Wrap Up

Japan Blossoms

This week during our morning meet and greet we discussed communication and what it looks like to be patient and good listeners. We shared examples on how we practice effective listening with eye contact and focusing our attention and bodies. We acknowledged personal strengths and weaknesses, goal setting and perseverance to achieve goals.

Each day we reviewed our Basic Skills in Math and Language Arts. Students worked independently then we corrected the worksheets together as a class. The aim was to help refreshen student skills so they can confidently tackle the CTP testing next week. We are scheduled to test for approximately one hour each day covering reading comprehension, word analysis, math and writing mechanics. Please note the students had the opportunity to sample and practice the format of the test on the iPads. During the test the iPads will be locked to the test. Scratch paper will be provided to work out problems. Students are able to skip questions and cycle back to them at the end of the test. Please help your child to be mentally present for the tests. Facilitate early to bed, whole breakfasts and on-time arrival.

We tested on Topic 16 in Math and Chapter 13 in Science completing the books for the year. Units included Technology in Science and Line Plots in Math. To conclude the units students collaborated in pairs to design and build a bridge using only popsicle sticks and glue. The challenge was to build a bridge that can withstand weight. The kids took on the challenge with vigor and began testing the strength of their structures. Next week we will record our results.

We completed Unit 6 in Social Studies. Passport Night to Japan lessons and activities tied nicely with our Social Science Unit on customs and traditions. We learned about the origins of the "Rising Sun" symbol. The Daruma Doll as a symbol of perseverance and good luck and the meaning of "seven falls and eight rises". Hachimaki's were made with the rising sun symbol and students' Japanese names. We wrote goals as wishes on our Tanabata wishing strips that will be hung on a wishing tree. The door to our classroom will be like a portal to Japan. Please help us create the atmosphere by signing up for food donations sent to you in an email link to Sign-Up Genius.

Thank you for all the Japan Projects students brought in Friday. I can't wait to read the write-ups and learn more about the country. If your child hasn't competed the project please help them over the weekend and be sure to bring it in Monday.

Japan blossoms are like a child's developing mind. They are beautiful and a privilege to witness.


Mrs. Mary Oreskovic