"Fall" into MS Religion and LA

09/25/15 - Miss Foyle

Important Announcements

It's hard to believe we have a month under our belts for the 2015-2016 school year (and that it is officially FALL). Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter to review important announcements and get updates on what the students have been up to in their classes.

*Thank you to all who attended our first Family Mass of the year last Sunday. It was a wonderful witness of our faith and showed dedication to spending family time with God.

*Red Folders are sent home weekly on Fridays. Please review all assessments with your child(ren), sign the sheet, and return the folder with your child on Monday.

*Visit the Middle School team's blog at icsjmiddleschool.blogspot.com for weekly homework, due dates, projects, rosters, curriculum maps, and more.

Pope Francis in America

In case you missed it on the news or want some additional resources, check out the following sites for coverage on the Pope's visit to America:

*Live Stream & Videos on Demand

*Site for Pope Francis's visit to the US (history, schedule, news, & more)

*America Magazine's coverage of the papal visit

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Classroom Updates

Grade 6 LA

*Reading Workshop: Our selected sections of Boy this week helped students review some important reading strategies: making meaningful connections, differentiating between similes and metaphors, applying context clue strategies for new vocabulary, and describing characters with evidence from the text.

In addition, our "word of the week" was balderdash, which really just means nonsense or a bunch of bologna. (It's also a pretty fun board game...just ask my dad.)

*Writing Workshop: Students worked in the Mac Lab and on Macbooks this week to type their memoir drafts. By using Google Drive, students were able to share their work with Miss Foyle for "real time" feedback. Students should upload a photo of their "authentic artifact" to their Google doc over the weekend (if they have not already done so). Final drafts of memoirs are due early next week, and we will host a publishing party on Thursday to celebrate their hard work!

*Grammar: This week offered time for the sixth graders to review key ideas from the first GUM unit before their quiz on Friday. GUM tests will be scored and returned next Friday.

*Word Study: This week's root was "FUNCT," as in "defunct" and "malfunction." Students will have their first Word Study quiz next Thursday. A review sheet will be sent home, and we will spend time reviewing in class too.

Grade 6 Religion

The sixth graders finished up their first unit of the year this week by first reviewing the fruit of the Holy Spirit (with a "fruit basket upset" game) and then writing a friendly letter as an authentic/"performance" assessment. This letter and its rubric will be sent home on Friday in the red folder. If you are concerned with your child's scores, please read about the retake/"add on" policy here. (This will take place in class on Monday, 9/28).

On Friday, students learned about Pope Francis - who he is and what he stands for. They had an opportunity to read about his background and time as Pope as well as model their own "faith coat of arms" after his. They even had a chance to try their hands at sketching him.

Grade 8 Religion

Kicking off this week, students wrapped up the Gifts of the Holy Spirit - no pun intended. These gifts, we believe, come to them in a special way through the grace of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation, but students were already able to see these Gifts at work in their lives. On Tuesday and Friday, they dedicated time to learning about the Psalms, which exist for any occasion, mood, or circumstance. They even challenged themselves by writing their own.

Due to high school visits, 8B did not have class on Thursday, so 8A spent some time learning about Pope Francis, which was very timely since he is currently in America.

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