Yertle the Turtle ditator & Saddam the human dictator


The book Yertle the Turtle is about a turtle who is the king of a pond and he saw himself to be better than anyone else. He felt that he was better than everyone else and was very controlling towards everyone. The moon started to go up and in his world nothing could be higher than him so Yertle told the turtle’s to stack up under him so he will be higher than the moon.


  • How is Yertle like our Dictator? Saddam and Yertle are alike because when someone doesn't agree with them, they really take in the heart. Yertle likes to control everything he sees and had some turtles from his kingdom stack up so he could be higher than everything else. When their body's started to hurt, he ignored them. Saddam controlled people in Iraq and if they weren't on his side, he murdered them.
  • What did your dictator do that was so bad? Our dictator killed anyone that was against the cruel things he did. He even was famous internationally because he murdered thousands of his own people.
  • What did they do that was similar? It didn't matter who they had to step over to get higher, they both thought they had to rule everything. They both hated anyone against them.
  • How did your dictator affect the country they ruled? After his invasion of Kuwait in 1990 that let to his country's international isolation. When this happened it made Iraqi citizens starve for the first time in history.

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