The Fault in our stars

John Green

Book review

In my opinion, this book is my all-time favorite! it has my emotions everywhere from being overly excited one minute to wanting to cry another it always has a way of making me happy! I selected this book because I heard John Green was one of the best authors out there, this book had been talked about a lot so I decided to try it out!

3 quotes from the book

The kid named Isaac, a long-faced, skinny guy with straight blonde hair swept over one eye.

^This above is imagery because its describing Isaac, the main words are: skinny, blonde, long-faced.

Me: "Please let me watch America's Next Top Model. It's an activity."

Mom: "Television is a passivity."

Me: "Ugh, Mom, please."

^This is dialogue because Hazel and her mom are talking about something.

I was fourteen, My lungs started to fill with water, I was looking pretty dead- my hands and feet ballooned; my skin cracked; my lips were perpetually blue.

^This is imagery because you can imagine how Hazel looks. The main words are: ballooned, skin cracked, lips were blue