The Industrial Revolution

by: Jacey Cowan

henry bessemer

who- Henry Bessemer was born on January 19th,1813. he was an inventor throughout his life. he died in 1898.

what- He created the Bessemer process. the Bessemer process was a way to make steel stronger by burning off the impurities of it.

when- In 1856, Henry created the process of making steel from iron.

where- The process was discovered in England.

why- because the steel could now be made stronger, people could make bigger and stronger buildings. it also improved the quality of manufactured products

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the effect on the native Americans

who- the whites killed the Indians way of life by building the railroad through there territory. but the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes fought back to try and keep there land.

what- the whites kicked Indians off of there homelands to build new railroads. they killed buffalo out of train windows to try and kill there way of life. the Indians didn't like this so the fought back.

when- in 1864 the Cheyenne Indians were invited to to winter at sand creek Colorado by the u.s army. on November 29th col. john chivington led his army and killed 200 of them, mostly women and children.

where- the union pacific and central pacific laid down track east-west which ran through the native Americans territory. this led to the fighting.

why- the whites did this so they could transport goods and materials across the country. the Indians fought back because they were killing there way of life.

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Samuel Gompers

Who- He was the first president of the American federation of labor. he served from 1886-1895 and 196-1924.

What- He was the co founder of the American federation of labor.

When- He founded it in 1886

Where- It was founded in Columbus Ohio.

Why- His was important because it helped people get better working conditions and wages.

MLA- Samuel Gompers and the American federation of labor. Digital history. 2/9/14.


who- Samuel dodd created the of a trust in 1882.

what- A trust is a group of companies ran by 1 board or directors.

when- In 1890 the Sherman antitrust act was passed. this stated that you couldn't have i board or person control everything.

why- The trusts kept companies from competing with each other, but since 1 man or

board controlled everything the prices on that product could be very expensive.

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