My Hero

My Hero is my Dad- Volunteer Fire Fighter

What a Hero is to Me:

A hero is a person who puts some one else first before themselves. They might risk there life like fire man or police. They also may be someone who helps you like your mom or dad who feeds you and gives you a place to live.

Why I choose My Dad as a Hero:

The reason I choose my dad to be a my hero because he is a firefighter, gives me a shelter and gives us food on the table. First, he is a volunteer firefighter. He goes to many local fires. So he risks his life for other people. Next, he supports our family. He gives us a shelter by paying the house bills and letting me live there. Without that I would be living on the street alone. Finally, he helps put food on the table. He works and puts me first before himself. He misses many camping parties because he is working and supporting our family. That is why my dad is a hero.

By: Nick Guns