Room 24 News

November 14, 2013

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

Red Ribbon Week: Thank you to all of you who helped to make Red Ribbon Week such a success.

Please visit our website for updates:
There is a link to my email address, as well as the school's phone number.

DynaMath: online access: Mrs. Kirsch's Class Password: sky24

Cricket Sign Up: Thank you all for responding so quickly to our cricket sign up! Our geckos will be well taken care of this year because of you all :) If anyone has a light timer, we still need to borrow one for the year.

Book Clubs: Thank you so much to our book club volunteers. It seems like the kiddos are really enjoying this mystery! Book clubs could not run successfully without your help.

Next Week at a Glance:
Monday: Run the Colonies
Tuesday: Discovery Lab, Unit 1 Final math test
Wednesday: Run the Colonies, Birthday Math project due
Thursday: HOT Time (with 4th grade), Perretta's class to the lagoon
Friday: Friday folders & weekly reviews go home, Thanksgiving Potluck, Whelihan's class to the lagoon

What We Are Learning

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