State Test Interpreter Training

Southwest Ohio ESL Consortium

Purpose of the Training

Interpreters of Ohio's State Tests must be aware of laws, guidelines, and procedures for test security and administration. This training video will prepare interpreters to comply with state laws and meet district expectations for translation of state tests.

Training Video

Please click here to watch the training video. The video is approximately 15 minutes. After you watch the video, you will need to take the training quiz to get your training certificate. Interpreters who received a certificate for a previous school year must re-take the quiz to earn a certificate for the 17/18 school year.

Training Quiz

Please click here to take the training quiz after you have watched the video. A score of 80% (8/10 correct) must be reached in order to receive a training certificate. Training certificates must be updated each school year.

Practice Test Site

Please visit the practice test site before you accept translation assignments. It's important for you to know what the tests look like and to feel comfortable with the level of content that is assessed. You can sign into the test site as a student user. It's okay to enter in your personal information here. No one in the school districts can view it.