Moon Over Manifest

Novel by Clare Vanderpool Project By:Faith taylor

Genre:Historic Fiction/ Summary

  • Setting:Manifest,Kansas(Great Depression1930s)Characters:Abilene Tucker,Miss Sadie,Gideon Tucker (someone else in manifest),Hattie Mae Harper,Ned Gillen,The Rattler(For me to know and for you to guess).Summary:The main character in the book is Abilene Tucker, a girl who lived in 1936. Her father sent her to a small town called Manifest, Kansas while he worked a railroad job somewhere else. She arrived there to find that it was run-down and greatly affected by the Great Depression. A pastor took her in, and in that house, she discovered a box of momentos and letters stashed away under a floorboard. One letter mentioned the "Rattler," someone Abilene and her two friends, Lettie and Ruthanne, believed was a German spy in 1918. After some investigating, they received a note telling them to "leave well enough alone." Realizing that she had lost her father's compass while searching for the spy, Abilene walked down the Path to Perdition to search for it and accidentally broke a diviner's vase. To pay off her debt and earn her compass back from the diviner, Abilene did odd jobs for her. For example, she tilled dry soil during a drought, planted seeds in it, and hunted for strange plants, all of which seemed to have no useful purpose.

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