News for the week of Monday, March 4

Lab & Classroom Schedule

Click here to see this week's schedule. Visitors this week include the PLUS classes, Mrs. Flanagan, Miss Fracasso, Mrs. D.White, Mrs. Wegner, Ms. Mercer-Curtis, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Schweitzer, the Danielson Committee, and Credit Recovery.
Please send a note ASAP if your plans have changed. Thank you!

2013 Rotary Reading Challenge by the numbers

    Thanks for reading, everyone! The final tally is 1,263. The junior class read the most books. 37 staff members read, and breakdown of the 368 student readers is:
    Freshmen: 85
    Sophomores: 48
    Juniors: 132
    Seniors: 103

    Our first purchases with the prize money will be in the areas of series fiction and biographies.

    Titles from Dorling Kindersley Publishing

    All book images and summaries are from our Follett catalog.