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End Of Year Updates

So Now That You Know What You Know.....Now What?

This has been a real year of being on the "Learning Curve" in education...with Milestones, TKES/LKES, Indistar, and CCRPI. However, no matter how many changes come down the pike, we all know what it takes to move the needle on student achievement...highly engaged classrooms... with highly skilled teachers... using highly effective practices.

Teachers like surgeons must work at their craft and continuously retool their skills to meet the demands of an ever changing culture of learners.

So based on what you know now, the question becomes, "What type of job-embedded professional learning should teachers be immersed in?" To answer this question, I would highly suggest downloading at least three years of CCRPI reports and taking a look at the 3 year average under each category tab. Look for the trends and dips that vertically bubble up K-5 and 6-12.

Personally speaking, based on what I know now, I would consider the following focal points for future PL: Writing to Learn, Vocabulary Code, Formulating Questions, Academic Conversations, and Establishing Criteria.

I have attached a copy of some text that speak to each of these areas.

As you cull out your Professional Learning Plan for 2015-2016, just remember, less is more. However, less is nothing without a clear criteria for success, an expectation for implementation, and a stellar process for monitoring for impact.

Staying In The Know

Deadlines and Reminders (Focus Schools)

Don't forget that the following tasks are to be completed before May 30th:

Update and assess all Indicators/Tasks for the year in Indistar by May 30, 2015

Save copies of the Comprehensive Summary Report for the year once updated.

Complete the Focus School Performance Review by May 30, 2015

In Closing

As always, it's my pleasure to support the great work taking place in your school.

I know that when the new list of Focus Schools is made public, you will be anxiously looking for your school's name to NOT be on that list. Nonetheless, if by chance your school gets caught in the cut, I will gladly step up and help you continue the work.

It's my pleasure,