Animal Poaching In Africa

By: Rowan Reese

Problem and Solution


The WWF’s are charities to stop animal poaching in Africa. People are getting in trouble if caught animal poaching. The WWF’s is actually doing a lot. They are making communities for animals so they are protected. They are also trying to make the population go up, with all the animals. You can donate too, help those cute furry faces, so they won't end up on a floor or a or decoration. This is actually a problem everywhere but Africa is one of the most animal poaching places in the world. Don't buy ivory products, buy and use sustainable palm oil, and buy sustainable wood.

Problem and Cause/Effects

Animal Poaching is the issue. The problem is that lots of animals are dying, just so people can get money. Soon all the animals will be extinct, and we won't have zoos or any cute animals. I know I am study about the animal poaching in Africa but soon it will spread everywhere. If all the animals die we won't have any food or pets or anything.

What, Where And Why

This affects lots of animals, mostly in the Coastal East Africa in Kenya. People are skinning and killing animals for fur or tusks, also to study that animal. Animal poaching is common in Africa. It was most common around 2014.The animals that are affected are pandas, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, marine turtles, and tigers.


This is the best charity, its helping all hurt animals. there was more information in the information above.


I wanted to research about this topic because I LOVE animals they are one of my favorite things. It so said that people are killing them just to get money. But I am glad that there are people standing up for this and making charities and donating money. Even if you don't like animals just imagine if you were that animal getting beat or skinned, you would be sad. So the next time you are sitting or buy a animal rug think did someone kill this, just to make money. You aren't convinced yet go to the next slide.
BEAR Paws 'Save our paws' with WWF®


In the WWF's you can "adopt" a animal, and you get a stuffed animal of what ever animal you choose and the money you spend on that goes to the animal of your pick. The hard thing is that you have to choose between all different cute animals.


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Kenya is located in Africa, it is one of the most places in Africa the has animal poaching. So we are trying to stop Kenya and every where else.