Space - Planets, Gravity and More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people float in space

Well one word... Gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls things toward the earth. In space there's no gravity in space. So you just float around.

Whats the difference between the sun and other stars

The sun is the closest star to earth, the next closest star is 4.27 light years away

Mu Cephei is also a star... but there's a slight difference you can fit more than a billion stars inside of Mu Cephei

What is the Atmosphere

Its like a force field around the earth. When you try to enter or exit its extremely hard and hot to get through.

What is the closet planet to the sun and the farthest

The Closest - Mercury

The Farthest - Neptune

Neil Armstrong

First man to travel to the moon and land on in it. A famous quote from him was " One step for man one leap for mankind"

How long could you...

What would happen if the sun died (How long would you live on earth)

Within a week, the average global surface temperature would drop below 0°F. In a year, it would drop to –100°. Millions of years after that, our planet would reach a stable –400°. Of course, the sun doesn't merely heat the Earth; it also keeps the planet in orbit. If its mass suddenly disappeared, the planet would fly off, like a ball swung on a string and suddenly let go, because no sun. So basically you would instantly die if the sun went out

How long could you last without a space suit on space

At most, an astronaut without a suit would last about 15 seconds before losing consciousness from lack of oxygen.

How close can you get to the sun

You could get about 93 million miles before burning up

How long dose it take to get to the moon

To blast off to the moon it takes about 3 days