ELC Newsletter

January 16, 2015

STAR and DRA 2 Testing

This week the kindergarten teachers assessed all their students on STAR and began on the DRA 2 as well. Please forward a copy of DRA 2 results to me, and upload your STAR results under the second question in OASYS, for your mid year reflection. The growth that I have heard about is just awesome, so thanks to all of you.

Incoming Numbers

Letters have gone out for 4K and 5K registration for next year. At this time, we have sent out 89 letters for each grade. That does not mean that all will come here or register, but based on the census information that we have, this is where we are starting. This of course does not include any Open Enrollment requests yet either.

WSRA Representatives

This year kindergarten will have two staff members attending the WSRA convention during the first week of February. Nicole Brandt and Wendy Hayes will be attending . We look forward to the information they will come back and share with all of us after this learning opportunity.

Long Term Substitute

Angeline's long term substitute position has been posted and we have some applicants for the full time position. The plan going forward for interviewing for the long term substitute position is that the reading team members, Amy Mochert and Margaret Logemann will join Melanie Cowling and myself in holding the interviews. The selected candidate would then have the opportunity to apply for the position, once posted for next year. For those interviews, a much larger team representing both schools will be involved.

Positive Pictures of What's Happening in Schools

Please continue to keep sending photos of all the great events that are going on in your classroom. Karen Hoff has been wonderful about helping us spread the good news on the website and asks that you keep sending them on to her.

Upcoming Events

1/23: End of First Semester

1/24: NFdL Holiday Staff Get Together at Fat Joe's

1/26: In Service Day: Work in classrooms in AM; PM at HMHS PAC to hear Dr. Sarah Arnold

2/2: Ground Hog's Day

2/10: 7:45 ELC Staff Meeting

2/12: 7:00 4K Staff meeting in ELC Library

2/13: February Early Release; AM Valentine's Celebrations; Interviews for Long Term Substitute

2/17: 4K Parent information meeting

2/24 and 2/26: Parent Teacher Conferences here at ELC

Happy Birthday Next Week to:

1/24: Tom Kubisch

1/25: Dave Mand

My Out of Building Times for the Week of 1/19-1/23

1/19: 7:15 FLC PST

1/20: 8-4:00 DLM Training in Board Room (FLC Special Education Staff)

1/21: 8:30 HMHS BCT, then at BAMS much of day

1/22: Begin at ELC ; 2:00 Amity

1/23: DLM training 8-4:00 in Board Room ( BAMS staff)