Fill Up Your Fall!

3 Day LaCocoDots Team Booking Challenge

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Focus on September and October!

The long days of summer are winding down. Schedules are becoming regular again, the weather will cool down (think jeans, boots, sweaters, campfires, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes) and as stylists, we are entering the best selling season of the year! We are kicking off this selling season with a Booking Challenge that is SURE to boost your bookings, STACK UP YOUR REWARDS IN SEPTEMBER, and lay the groundwork for you to meet (and exceed!) your goals this fall!!

Here's how it works:

  • NEW trunk shows added to your calendar for September and October are eligible for this challenge. For each NEW trunk show booked, you earn 1 entry to win our grand prize- Frida Necklace!! You have 3 days to book shows- make them count!! The more you book, the better your chances!
  • We will track and post booking progress throughout the week so you can keep tabs on the competition!
  • Each eligible booking needs to be posted on our team FB page on that day's booking marathon thread. Trunk show date needs to be included and trunk shows should be booked in your lounge.
  • Fun Flash incentives and prizes will be offered daily, so keep your eyes open for those! ONE HINT: Keep track of the no's you collect along the way :)

Keep in mind....

Stack Up Your Rewards

It's Back!! Yes, that’s right, you can earn UNLIMITED product credit all September long – just in time for the capsule collection! Check the details in your lounge for full info on this corporate sponsored challenge. It will pay in more ways than one to have an amazing September! If you want to build a team, this is a fantastic time for both your new stylist and you!

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Would You Like to Win $1,000??

Also kicking off today is a 12 day booking challenge that you are eligible to enter as well! This challenge is hosted by Anna Muir, Senior Director of dixiedots, and all the directors on her team. Book 12 shows from September 1st to December 12th and be entered to win $1,000. Previously booked shows count. 12 shows from September to december is an average of 3 shows a month- totally doable with any schedule! What would you spend and extra $1,000 on??? See link for details!

Never before has a booked trunk show counted for so many possible prizes!! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone!!


*Get your calendar out and highlight all of the dates you ARE available for a Trunk Show this Fall. It's helpful to have target dates to offer when you're reaching out! As you talk with potential hostesses, you can start filling in the dates that work best for you! Also do some time-blocking for yourself. Make sure to build in some time for you to work your business- focused time for you to book is KEY this week!

*UPDATE and REVAMP your WHO DO YOU KNOW LIST!! Work to have at least 40 names on the list to get you started! Need help brainstorming? Call your upline, your best friend, your mom- pull up FB, you holiday card list, your kid's class rosters.... Add anyone to your list who loves fashion, loves to shop or loves to hang out with friends! Don't forget to include those who might have cancelled or postponed in the Summer and get them re-booked! Use the fun Hostess Exclusive pieces and Trunk Show Exclusives as a fun carrot!

*Share your goals! Share them with you upline, your family, a good friend- anyone who will help you stay accountable! It works!

*Warm up your "Who Do You Know" List using some of the recent press and current specials! FOLLOW UP after you warm up. That's the #1 thing that will get the booking! Follow UP!

Are you getting "no's" yet? That's OK.....don't take them personally! Celebrate them because that means you are getting closer to a Y-E-S!

Treat yourself to a little something.....

10 no's = a latte

20 no's = a pedicure

40 no's = a much needed massage!

*Go out wearing a STATEMENT NECKLACE and prepare yourself with mini lookbooks and your 30 second commercial. If someone compliments you, tell them it's one of your "best sellers!" and hand them a mini. Ask for their email or address to send them a FULL LOOKBOOK! Ask for their email to add them to your mailing list for specials and sales! Are you really connecting with them? Tell them you'd love to bring the jewels over sometime for a quick "pop up shop" with their girlfriends! Use your 20 seconds of courage and see what happens!

GOOD LUCK and reach out to your upline or one of our team leaders if you hit a road block, need a little inspiration, or to brainstorm your list! Sometimes, it's just a little easier with help!!

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LaCocoDots Team

Katy Barnes, Independent Stylist and Associate Director