Key Aspects Of A Phishing Email

What to look out for ?

1. Email address- you should check the email address to from the actual company

2. Spelling- always check that the spelling is correct

3. Impersonal- if the email is a phishing email, it won't mention your name, it will say 'dear account holder', not dear mr/mrs finn

4. Attachments- sometimes you will be asked to open an email attachments these may contain sypware viruses so don't open the files

5. False links- in a phishing email, you will be sent a link to go to and sometimes the links are false such as

6. Urgency- phishing emails usually ask you to respond as quick as possible such as within 24 hours. The fraudsters say that you will miss out on a special offer, or that your account will expire if you don't respond quickly

Example Of An Phishing Email

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