Welcome to the Staff Meeting

February 20, 2013


General Information
  • AdCab Update - Summer Maintenance
  • Crisis Plan - Tornado Drill
  • SIT Meetings - Reviewing Data
  • Schedule Update - Shifts for 5-6th

Article Study

  • The Power of Good, Traditional Lessons
  • "Structure" - Lesson Objectives

Something to Take with You

  • Climate Survey Comparison
  • Fall to Winter

Motivation for the Day

  • Double - T


  • Alarm sounds (verbal over intercom)
  • Take class /current student roster & follow primary safety route (in red) to the band room.
  • Direct an aide, Para, or responsible student to close the classroom door after everyone exits
  • Walk calmly & silently to the predetermined safe location (band room)
  • Direct class to gather closely together away from the doors to make room for all students
  • Take attendance to ensure you have every student accounted for
  • Instruct students to sit in a crouched position and remain quiet
  • Wait for the administrator in charge to give the “all clear’ to go back to class.

The Stunning Power of Good, Traditional Lessons


Topic #1

  • What is something you agree with or disagree with from the article?

Topic #2

  • What would be your response if your humble principal said that it was now a requirement to write an objective everyday and have a check for understanding for each lesson based on that objective?

Group Discussion

  • advantages of structured lesson plan
  • most critical components of an effective lesson
  • other thoughts...

Terry Tate vs Courtney Cate - Draft Day