Canada in 2060

What will it look like?


Canada is a great country to live in today. Free healthcare, freedom of speech, modern technology, superb education and a wonderful climate make us the home of millions of people who either immigrated or are born here. How will we look like in the future though ? Will millions still live in Canada ? Will there be more people or less people ? Find out by reading on.


Canada sure has a lot of immigrants right now. According to Statistics Canada, Canada has 6.8 million immigrants living in it. That's 20.6% of the population !
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However, that's still not a lot. In the 1900's, immigrants made up 40% of the population, nearly double what it is today. Canada is currently taking in 250,000 immigrants per year.

But will it continue to be that way? I think so for the following reasons :

  • Lets face the facts; we are an empty country. We need more immigrants to fill the endless acres of land.
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  • Canada needs immigrants to keep its population from declining. The current fertility rate is 1.6 births per woman. That's not even enough to maintain the same population ! Fertility rate needs to be at 2 for the natural increase rate to be positive.

The video below shows one of the crisis faced by Canada due to a lack of population growth.

Canada's demographic and geographic shift
  • And finally, studies in U.S.A and Canada have shown that immigrants increase job creation and improve economy. Immigrants, as a group, are generally better educated than native Canadians, especially since 1967 when the government introduced the point system. Canada is facing many shortages in its labor force and immigrants are the answer

Country Of Origin

Immigrants to Canada come from all over the world. However, a recent trend has took place. Prior to the 21st century, most immigrants came from Europe. However,that's changing today. Over half of the immigrants that arrived in Canada between 2006-2011 were born in Asia.

Notable countries were China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Why has that Changed? I think that Europe's countries have improved drastically, and Canada no longer has the promise of free land or cheaper life.

However, in the crowded countries of Asia, people are still looking to escape political instability, war, poverty, persecution and many other factors. This has prompted them to immigrate to the west.

In 2060, I think that the following changes would have occurred:

  • Asia will account for less than 40% of our immigrants. Asian countries are improving rapidly and may even surpass us someday due to their abundant labor force. Less people will immigrate from Asia.
  • Africa will jump start its path on Immigration and provide us with 40% of our immigrants. Africa's economy is improving steadily. In the future, I believe more people in Africa can afford Immigration.
  • The rest of the world will account for 20% of our immigrants.

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Immigrants settlements

Surveys show that most immigrants choose to settle in Vancouver (13.7%), Montreal (14.1%) and Toronto (40%). Together these cities account for 70% of all immigrants.

About 28% of immigrants went to other urban areas and just 3% went to a rural area. The main reason of settling in these cities was the social support of families and friends. However, these are some other reasons:

  • Toronto for jobs. You cant argue with a city of 2.1 million people, the largest in Canada. Toronto by far has Canada's largest job market.
  • Vancouver for climate. Immigrants are typically scared of Canadian weather. And then they see nice warm Vancouver and they say,"That's the place for me."
  • Montreal for language. People go to Montreal to learn French and English.

I think that these statistics will be the same in 2060, as Toronto will still have the most jobs, Vancouver will still be warm (hopefully), and Montreal will still be French.

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So there you have it. By 2060, Canada will probably have 11.5 million more immigrants who will mostly settle in Ontario, British Columbia or Quebec. They will mostly come from Asia or Africa and will likely come to Canada to avail our:

  • Free healthcare
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • Diverse Culture
  • Stable Economy
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Vast job opportunities


Canada is a rapidly changing country. Immigrants, economy, wealth, technology and just about every aspect of our lives is changing. But how is our population changing ? How many people will live in this country in the future ? Lets find out.

Birth Rate

Our fertility rate currently is 1.6 children per woman. Is that good or bad ? Well, it means were getting smaller. When a countries fertility rate is at 2, the population has no increase or decrease. However, when it is at less than 2, that is a problem. It means that we don't have enough children to replace the people that will die.

Luckily, we have our handy immigration department and high life expectancy so were not going to be wiped out in 10 years.

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However, it seems our birth rate has also stopped decreasing. It's been fluctuating since 1981, but no major changes have took place. I think that the birth rate will remain the same till 2060. I cant see it increasing and hopefully it wont decrease either.

Death Rate

Our death rate is a factor that we have improved greatly over the years. Advanced healthcare, better sanitation, old homes, retirement services and better knowledge of the human body has made great advancements to elongate our life expectancy. Take a look below.
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Right now, our crude death rate is 7 per 1000 people. Seeing that it is still decreasing, I predict that our death rate will be at 5 by 2060, thanks to even more advanced medical technologies. However, there may be a small increase as baby boomers reach their life expectancy. This wont last long though and our death rate should be back to normal in less than 10 years.
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  • Natural Increase Rate is currently 2.41. Our death rate is 7.87, our birth rate is 10.28. Since I predict the birth rate to stay the same and the death rate to decline. My guess is that our crude natural increase rate in 2060 will double to 5.0 (10-5).
  • Our population growth rate is currently 1.2%. I expect that to increase to 2% because of the rise in natural increase rates.
  • Our net migration rate will remain the same at 5.66 migrants per 1000 inhabitants.


Canada has roughly 388,000 births every year and 268,000 deaths every year. This gives us an increase of nearly 120,000 people every year. And then add the 250,000 immigrants and we have an increase of 380,000 per year. So lets add that up: 380,000 times 45 is 17 million. So by 2060, we will have 17 million more people in Canada, which results in a population of 52 million by 2060.


So there you have it. Now you know all about how Canada will look in the future. To summarize :

  • Canada will keep taking in 250,000 immigrants.
  • Immigrants will go to the same places mostly
  • Immigrants will come from Asia or Africa mostly
  • Canada's birth rate will be the same
  • Canada's death rate will go a bit higher and then return to current level
  • Canada's population will reach 50 million.
  • Canada's crude natural increase rate will double to 5%
  • Our population growth rate will rise to 2%

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How will Canada be in 2060? by Xda Zxz