CB West High School

Updates From Mr. Bucher

3rd Marking Period Update!

Due to the wild winter weather, the 3rd marking period will now end on Thursday, April 10. For updates on your child's on-going progress in each class, you can always access Parent Portal.

News From CB West's English Department

Seniors Sami Mineroff and Megan Leahy have been honored with Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. This year, there were over 450 students from Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties applying. Sami’s Personal Essay, “Twenty Minutes,” and her Flash Fiction, “Conversations from a Coffee Shop,” both earned Silver Keys. Megan’s poem, “Music,” won a Gold Key and will be forwarded to the National Scholastic Competition in New York City.

Senior Colleen Smith represented West in English- Speaking Union’s Shakespeare Competition at the Arden Theater this year. Colleen’s performance of a monologue and sonnet won her a spot in the final round of competition, where she did a cold reading of Lady Macbeth’s monologue.

MBIT's National Technical Honor Society

Congratulations to the following CB West Students for being inducted into Middle Bucks Instititute of Technology's Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society on Thursday, February 20th...

Hailey Caracio

Shelby Parker

Amy Vile

CB West is Proud!

News From CB West's World Languages Department

Congratulations to Patrick O'Brien for achieving the highest score at CB West on the most recent National German Examination!

Heart Screenings at CB West

In 2012, our state passed a law called the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act. This law seeks to protect student athletes from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by making parents and coaches aware of the warning signs of the conditions that cause SCA. If your child participates in sports, you read and signed the required information form about SCA. SCA takes the lives of thousands of students every year. It is the #1 cause of death of student athletes.

We are very fortunate that Simon's Fund, a local nonprofit organization that was behind the passage of this law, will be providing free heart screenings for all District students (not just athletes), ages 10 – 19, on Saturday, March 15, at CB West High School. Simon's Fund (www.simonsfund.org) was established in 2005, in memory of Simon Sudman, the three-month old son of Phyllis and Darren. Simon died of a heart arrhythmia that causes sudden cardiac arrest and death.

The screening consists of the following: a medical history form, a physical exam, an electrocardiogram (EKG) exam, and if necessary, an echocardiogram (Echo). This type of screening is not the standard of care so it is most likely not available through your doctor. A heart screening is the best way to detect conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

Simon's Fund works with most of the medical institutions in the Greater Philadelphia area. They have screened thousands of students and discovered that one out of every 100 students screened has some kind of undetected heart condition.

The screening is intended for students that have never received an EKG exam and are not under the care of a cardiologist. In order for your child to participate in this screening, you will need to register at simonsfund.org and complete a medical history and consent form. Online registration is now open at www.simonsfund.org. A parent or legal guardian must be present at the screening. The screening process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Please visit CB West's Website for additional information.

We hope that you will take advantage of this special opportunity. If you have any questions about the screening, please contact Darren Sudman at darren@simonsfund.org or 610.662.6948.

Girls' Track and Field

Congratulations are in order for CB West's Girls Track and Field Team! Maddie Villalba (10) took second place in the 800 meter run. Jamila Branch (12) took 4th place in the 400 meter run. The 4X200 meter relay team of Kelsey Horst (12), Courtney Taylor (12), Zoe Bremier (11), and Jamila Branch (12) took 8th. The 4X400 meter relay team of Maddie Villalba (10), Courtney Taylor (12), Kelsey Horst (12), and Jamila Branch (12) took 4th place. All these girls received medals as the top 8 in the state are recognized. The team total of 18 points put West in seventh place in the state. CB West is Proud!