Montana Catholic Schools Weekly

November 2, 2015

Diocesan Demographics

When our schools undertake a self-study for WCEA Accreditation, they are encouraged to find the “data points” which help them tell their story. After completion of our NCEA demographic data, we now have a few diocesan data points.

Overall (meaning both Dioceses) our school enrollment has shown a slight drop of 1.5% from 3900 to 3840 students. Both Dioceses have reflected the slight decrease in their PK-12 enrollments:

Diocese of Helena: from 1,349 students to 1,297 students

Diocese of GFB: from 2,551 students to 2,543 students

Interestingly, these numbers together still represent the 7th largest school district in Montana. Other interesting demographic figures:

· Only 53% of our students (2,035) are Catholic

· Over 23% of our students are Native American, most of whom come from our 5 Indian schools.

· Over 30% of our students qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.

I’m still digging into the numbers to see what they mean. But here’s a breakdown between programs and Dioceses:

Diocese of Helena 2014-15

138 Pre-K enrollment

856 K-8 enrollment

355 9-12 enrollment

Diocese of Helena 2015-16

147 Pre-K enrollment

841K-8 enrollment

309 9-12 enrollment

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings 2014-15

258 Pre-K enrollment

1736 K-8 enrollment

557 9-12 enrollment

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings 2015-16

273 Pre-K enrollment

1688 K-8 enrollment

5829-12 enrollment

Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent

The Week Ahead

Monday: De La Salle High WCEA visit (Oakland)

Tues: WCEA visit (cont)

Wed: WCEA visit (cont)

Thurs: office (Helena) & Dept of Revenue hearing (afternoon)

Fri: office (Helena)

This Week: 75 driving miles (!); 1,434 air miles

Last Week: 1,179 driving miles, 1,434 air miles

2015-16: 8,542 driving miles; 3,780 air miles

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For Principals

1. Regional principals in November: Nov 10th in Kalispell, Nov 12th in Great Falls, Nov 18th in Billings. All meetings will be from 10-2 and the host schools will provide lunch.

2. Please continue to tackle the monthly administrative tasks. Click here for the link

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More Parent-Teacher Conference Tips

1. A reflection on Parent-Teacher Conferences as Collaborative Conversations

2. Harvard Family Research Project P-T Conference Tip Sheets for Principals, Teachers, and Parents

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Servant Leader of the Week: Fr. Mark Joseph Costello, OFM Cap

Fr. Mark Joseph Costello is a native of Wisconsin and has been an ordained Capuchin friar since 1991. From 2008-2014, Fr. Mark Joseph served on the provincial council of his province and in his second term, served as the Provincial Vicar. During this service in leadership, he was instrumental in developing a Pastoral Plan for his Province of St. Joseph, headquartered in Detroit, MI.. This plan included a recommitment to Native American ministry among the Northern Cheyenne and Crow peoples and set the direction for his future ministry.

Fr. Mark Joseph moved to Montana in 2015 and is serving as pastor for two Crow Parishes, St. Dennis and St. Xavier. He teaches and celebrates the Eucharist with the Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy students once a week, and this year is also celebrating Eucharist at the St. Labre Academy at the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. He has also brought three other friars to Montana in order to reestablish Capuchin Community life is southeastern Montana. The new community is called St. Katharine Capuchin Friary and is located at St. Dennis Parish in Crow Agency.


The Tyranny of the Majority

This is a rich and intellectually challenging article exploring the tyranny of the minority called "The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dominance of the Stubborn Minority." Worth the read!