Hurricane Katrina

What can we learn and how it affected America

Affecting the Environment

Some of biggest impacts of Hurricane Katrina is the environment. Things like industrial waste and raw sewerage flooded the streets and oil spills from off share rigs, coastal refiners and even corner gas stations made their way into residential areas.

Flooding contaminates ground water (Household hazardous wastes)

Household hazardous wastes such as pesticides, heavy metals and toxic chemicals also created a witches brew of floodwater that quickly seeped down into contaminated groundwater across hundreds of miles.


Affecting the community

Countries and States HK affected

  • Ontario
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • New Orleans
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama
  • Cuba
  • Louisiana
  • West Virginia
  • Bahamas
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Florida

Social effects

HK had many social effects. Initially many lives were lost, many more were disrupted. The hurricane left hundreds and thousands without access, to their homes and jobs it also separated people from relatives and inflicted both mental and physical distress on those who suffered through the storm and it's aftermath.
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Animal issues

In the aftermath of HK approx. 8000 animals were rescued and brought to temporary shelters set up. In addition to over 1,300 fatalities caused by Katrina there were thousands left thousands without food, clean water and electricity also left animals without food and clean water.