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Proactive Insurance Commissioners required

Car insurance quotes are affordable when the state’s Insurance Commissioner is pro-consumer. North Carolina shows how car insurance quotes can be controlled.

When capitalism can crush the interests of the individual consumer, everyone benefits when the politics of the state allows officials to intervene to protect people. If you look around the country, the red states are weaker on consumer protection so car insurance quotes tend to be higher than in the blue states. One of the more interesting states to watch is North Carolina which is one of the so-called Southern Swing States which has just become more Republican than Democrat.

In 2009, Wayne Goodwin, the state’s Insurance Commissioner, signed an agreement with the local insurance industry to reduce its premium rates to below the levels charged in 2006. When later rate increases were refused, the car insurance companies appealed and collected the full payments. When they lost the appeal, they were forced to return $50 million in premium payments.

In the not so distant future, the NC safety net providers affirmed they might not be requesting an expansion. This means the nearby guarantors could be beneficial at auto protection rates left beneath 2006 levels. This infers a correspondingly forceful methodology may help drivers in all different states (so long as the new Republican legislators don't move back the assurances, obviously). is a new breed of more intelligent websites providing car insurance quotes. In the early days of the internet, the search engine simply searched the database for all the major insurers in your state. You were given a listing and then left to make comparisons and find the best deals. Find cheap car insurance quotes

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