Weekly Data News

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BI & Business Analysts

Business Intelligence Hires

  • Front-end : Thierry Lau = dead nego. Looking for new profiles. JMD has a front-end developer from Octo to suggest. We are also hosting AngularJS meetup this Wednesday, hope to find leads there.
  • Backend : Jonathan Winandy is joining on July 29th

Night Watch and organisation

  • BAs are now filling the confluence page spontaneously
  • BAs very happy with the JIRA board.

Revenue drop analysis

Intense week. The main driver of low revenue is that we have weak inbound traffic on premium subscription page. We don't think we have any CR issues at the end of the purchase funnel. Current focus :

  • Impact of DCR limits on inbound traffic
  • Africa free premium
  • # of free premium coupons distributed in July (by partnerships/sales etc)

H2 Objectives

Ongoing re-forecast : we need to discuss target values. BAs will propose targets for the set of new KPIs that will be used to incentive them.

BI workshop with focus on Premium next week

Goal is to design an action plan that will allow us to track Premium performance correctly in the next few weeks.


Looking into mixpanel as a complement/alternative to Google Analytics. Will only consider on Premium monitoring if setup is as magically fast and easy as advertised. Dominic from Amsterdam has quite positive feedback on this.

Data Management and Machine Learning

Thesaurus app (code name : SKOSI)

  • I created a JIRA component, 5 epics, a couple stories and UI wireframes.
  • next friday morning we'll do a story mapping exercise
  • Our goal is to have a clear backlog and UX when development starts mid-Aug


  • Supporting several product teams with Kasper usage
  • Will work with David Stendardi until mid-august on Kasper (+some holidays)
  • Starting mid-Aug both will work on Skosi for 3 weeks

Julie & Arnaud

  • Good progress on new Skills collaborative filtering
  • Now focusing on performance/relevance measurement methods
  • PhD application for ANRT 99% complete, will be sent this week
  • OS Revenue targets for H2 : see Boris G email about what needs to be achieved month by month for New+Renew if we want to reach +40%

Sven is in Paris, we're meeting this Tuesday to synchronize about Search/Reco topics.


Synchro Thierry/Claire/Stéphanie/Audrey/Boris : OK

Synchro Nico T/Mohcine/Mathias/Stéphanie/Anna/Audrey : OK

Email Integration Process : I wrote a doc to describe step by step actions and responsibilities to build a new email based on both ad hoc design and tetra components.

Roadmap agreed yesterday evening with Claire

  • The name of our post-onboarding email sequence is "Viadeo Live" (VL)
  • VL "My visits" email has two variations : one with minimal stats sent 3 weeks out of 4, and one with richer stats sent the 4th week.
  • After talking to Thierry it has been decided to not build a light version of current Viadeo Inside, but instead keep Viadeo Inside as it is and send both emails with 2 days difference.
  • Launch VL "My Visits" simple stats version : week of 19/08
  • Launch Viadeo Live "My Visits" last 4 weeks stats version : week of 02/09

  • Ops have to deliver connection to demo data stores from integ environment.
  • Once integ profile is validated Ops will create Preprod+Prod environments. Target date for this is end of July/early August.


Some memory leak issues impacting 2nd wave of skills sending.

The Teams

Business Intelligence & Business Analysts
  • Clémence Desneiges - Manager of Business Intelligence
  • Clémentine Blanchon - Business Analyst B2B
  • Sulan Liu - Intern Business Analyst B2B
  • Julie Buire - Business Analyst B2C Growth
  • Frédéric Chancholle - Business Analyst B2C Love
  • Kristine Romero - Business Analyst Marketing and B2C Money
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Servant - Business Analyst Search (San Francisco)

Data Management & Machine Learning

  • Eugen Cepoi - Software Architect
  • Arnaud de Myttenaere - PhD Candidate
  • Julie Séguéla - Data Management Expert


  • Julien Bille - Data Platform Engineer
  • Jean-Luc Canela - Tech Lead
  • Mathieu Chataigner - Data Platform Engineer
  • Iñigo Mediavilla - Web Development Engineer