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January 11- January 22nd

Back in action

Friday's Half Day:

The HSE 21 team is excited to share out on Friday for our half day! Prior to Friday, I would like you to take time to think about your instruction and how does your instruction go from whole to part. Whole to part... what does that mean??? Dr. Combs has been really challenging us to think about whole to part instruction. We don't give children a puzzle and say put it together without the picture. Instead, we give them the picture- THE BIG PICTURE or IDEA and allow the pieces to move into that big picture. However, sometimes we teach skills in such isolation students don't know where it fits into the big picture and they lack the understanding of the application. Ponder that this week, and what is your BIG IDEA of instruction this week??

Friday's theme is HSE21. How do we strengthen our instruction through the use of inquiry and strong questioning while using technology as a tool in this process?

The first two hours will be specific sessions for K-1 and 2-4. One session will be with the GES crew of Brooke, Susan, Kelly, Jess and Colleen while the other session will be with Kristin Patrick from BSE- we will rotate at the hour.

The HSE 21 team heard you and the need for continued direction on PBLs, inquiry and technology integration. The GES crew is going to focus on PBLs. Together you will work on one, and then the team will share some great projects that have occurred in the building this year. Kristin Patrick is going to walk us through technology integration and modeling in the classroom. Finally Meg Strnat is going finish up the day by guiding us through how to strengthen our questioning from deep questions to deeper! The PTO will be providing our food on Friday! When I get the menu, I will share out!


2. Reverse Evacuations- Sometime this week or next, please complete your reverse evacuation this week if your team has not already practiced during recess.

3. All RTI Data is to be entered into Aimsweb by the first of the month. Please check to make sure your December data is inputted. Thanks for all you do to help our students grow!

4. PBIS info


PBIS revisit from last week:

Thursday Jan 6th- Do the right thing and treat people right-

Friday January 7th- G.E.S- Great choices, effort, safety

Mon 11th-

Tues 12th-

  • Lunch procedures-
  • Christi at ADMIN meeting 9-12

Wed 13th-

Thurs 14th-

  • PTO board meeting 9-11
  • HSE 21 Leads at Training
  • Christi at HSIJH 1-3:30

Fri 15th- 1/2 day PD

Mon 18th- no school

Tues 19th- Christi in planning meeting 11:30-1:30 at BSE

Wed 20th- ISTEP "server" test

Thurs 21st- PD Days- NWEA/ISTEP and F & P

Fri 22nd- PD Days- NWEA/ISTEP and F & P

The diginity of a child

As we talk about the Image of Child we are challenged to think about our beliefs. This article was shared with all administrators for us to think of policies we may have in our handbook or school that may not align with our beliefs. It has some very good points.

Great article on simple things we can do to maintain student dignity.

Helping out Nicole Harbron

Nicole has finished her first cycle of chemo and begins a new chemo drug weakly. She is hoping this one is a little easier! Thanks for all you are doing! See the following link for her food delivery!

Thanks for loving on her!

Dismantling racism

If you have interest in a two day training this summer on dismantling racism, please drop me an email. We have been lucky so far to send Fatima, John, Dena, Callie, and Christa. Christine and Julie will be attending this month. We have two open spots for July. If you have interest, email me! It is an extremely impactful workshop professionally and personally.

GES- Located on 104th Street in Fishers, IN

GES: Making GREAT CHOICES, showing EFFORT and demonstrating SAFETY!