Andrew Jackson

A hero or zero

Moving the Indians, What?

Andrew Jackson made a removal policy in 1830. The Indian removal act was passed because the desire to settle in the land and due to the discovery of gold. The policy gave the Federal Government to force relocation of any Native American Indians. The Indians had been living their whole life, and had to leave Oklahoma to go to Georgia.

The Bank Crisis!!

Jackson vetoed the national bank because he felt it was unconstitutional. But I don't think it was right for Jackson to get rid of the National Bank because it could cause the economy to become unstable. I believe this is true because George Washington made the National Bank to stabilize the economy, and taking it away could wreck the economy.

The Nullification Crisis

It all started when there were tariffs of 1828 and 1832. The south were upset because they had very little manufacturing. But South Carolina was upset the most because they had a harbor that have imports and exports coming through that harbor. They also threatened to secede if the tariffs werent declared invalad. Congress had to do something to make South Carolina pay their taxes, so congress came up with the Force Bill.
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14