Managing your Smore Classroom

A guide for Educators to manage student accounts on Smore

Student Accounts on Smore

Smore is happy to offer student accounts for all our Educator users!

As an Educator you can now officially invite students to use Smore for in-class assignments, homework, book reports, and presentations, and manage their work from a super straightforward Classroom dashboard within Smore.

Student accounts are private and can only be accessed by the student who created the newsletter and viewed by the Educator.

Check out the below to understand how student accounts work and how you can get started!

Getting Started

Creating your first Classroom

  1. Under "You" at the top menu bar, select "Classrooms" from the dropdown menu
  2. When you reach the "Manage Classrooms" dashboard, click on the "Create a new Classroom" button
  3. Enter the name of your Classroom (ex. Ms. Lerner's English Class - 6B) and select "Create"

Inviting students to your Classroom

  1. Record your personal Classroom Group Code (this can be found at the top of your newly created Classroom dashboard). Each Classroom has its own unique Group Code.
  2. Instruct your students to create their own account at using the Group Code
  3. Once your students have completed the sign-up process, their names will automatically populate your Classroom dashboard

Best Practice: Ask your students to write down the Group Code for your Classroom in a handy place as they will need it every time they log in to their account

Viewing your students' newsletters

  1. To view your students' newsletters, go to your Classroom dashboard and look for the green button that says "See class newsletters." Clicking on this will take you to your Classroom's individual folder on the "Your newsletters" screen
  2. Once there, you can sort your students' newsletters by date, title and student name, using the sorting buttons at the top of the folder


What do students get when they create a student account on Smore?

  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Full editing abilities, including access to pro colors, fonts, Education backgrounds and custom backgrounds
  • Access to a special simplified student dashboard

How do students sign up for a Smore student account?

Students sign up by going to and entering the following information into the form that appears there:

  1. Group Code provided by you, the Educator
  2. Their first and last name
  3. A 4-digit PIN Code of their creation. The PIN code stands as their password and is needed every time they log into their account.

Best Practice: Encourage your students to remember their PIN code and Group Code or write it down in a handy place so they can refer to it when they log in

Are newsletters created by students private?

Yes. Each newsletter created has an individual URL, but it can only be accessed by the student and you, the Educator.

How is Student access limited?

  • Students cannot send their newsletters by email via Smore, meaning they cannot create newsletters or mailing lists
  • Students cannot share their newsletters on social media through Smore

How do I remove a student from a classroom?

In the "Manage Classrooms" dashboard, click on your Classroom of choice and select the student's name. On the far right of your student's name, click "Options." A dropdown menu will appear, and you can select "Delete [student name]"

How do I delete a classroom?

In the "Manage Classrooms," dashboard click on the Classroom of your choice. At the top right, click "Settings." In the drop down menu, select the red "Delete Classroom" button.

Note: All students, newsletters, and the entire Classroom will be deleted and you will not be able to retrieve that information in the future.

What happens if a student forgets their PIN?

  1. In the "Manage Classrooms" dashboard, on the far right of your student's name, click "Options." A dropdown menu will appear, click "Reset PIN code"
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Copy the New PIN code and share it with your student
  3. Have your student login to their account using the New PIN code

How do I archive a Classroom?

In the "Manage Classrooms," dashboard click on the Classroom of your choice. At the top right, click "Settings." In the drop down menu, select the red "Archive Classroom" button.

Note: Students will no longer be able to login or signup. However, you will still be able to see your student-created newsletters within your account. At any point, you can "Retrieve" the archived Classroom. This will reinstate Classroom access to all of your students.

Need more help?

If you have questions about your student accounts, please contact and we'll be happy to help! :)


For more information, visit our full FAQ library. If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service team at