Third and Fourth Grade

Mrs. Walcott's Class

Our Learner Profile of the Month is OPEN-MINDED and our class designed posters or quotes about what OPEN MINDEDNESS means to them


Circuit Building

Circuit Building Videos

Here is just one video of the circuit design project from this UOI in which students learned how energy flows and then were able to create their own design that will still allow for them to complete a circuit. Student demonstrate their understanding of how energy moves, what materials are conductors, and what kind of circuits there are.


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Reading Groups

Students are working in small groups to target individual reading strategies from Comprehension, Fluency, Summarizing and characterization.

Writing- Formal Letters

President Obama- Thank you Letter

Students wrote President Obama a FORMAL letter of Thanks in order to express our gratitude for his visit to ISB and his support for Muslims in America.

Board Of Directers Sales Pitch Letter

Students practiced the real life skill of submitting a FORMAL letter to a mock board of directors to pitch their circuit design.

Vocabulary Unit 9

Students will be starting UNIT 9 Vocabulary in their respective workbooks, below is the list of words for each grade level. We use these books in the class as well as at home so if students take these home please be sure that they bring these back for the following day. Please remember to have your student study these DAILY.

Third Grade Words- ability, brief, delightful, reflex, avoid, compete, honor, remark, bashful, consider.

Fourth Grade Words- convict, earnest, grumble, provision, discipline, enclose, jagged, treaty, dungeon, gradual, nourish, uneasy.

As a way of differentiating for fun, third grade students are welcome to work with and extend their knowledge with fourth grade words, and fourth graders should be sure they remember the third grade words. TEST WILL BE BI-WEEKLY DESPITE SCHEDULE CHANGES- and if we miss a Friday then we will make it up the following school day InshaAllah.

Whats coming up?

Here are a few things that you will need to be reminded of in order to stay on top of what is to come.

  • Mangahigh is due on Mondays
  • Reading Log for Six Flags is due on February 26th
  • Our next UOI- 'How the world Works' begins on Monday February 15
  • March 5th is our School wide fundraising GALA and third and fourth grade will be performing so be sure to get your tickets!
  • Teacher workday Monday 2-5-16
  • March 18th Report cards will be published in Managebac
  • March 21,23,24 Parent Conferences 3:30-6:30

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, words of encouragement or concerns! I will get back to you within the next business day and perhaps more often than that as much as possible! Thank you for your feedback!

Fundraising Gala

Saturday, March 5th, 4:30pm

225 North Charles Street

Baltimore, MD

Head to our website for more information and Tickets!