200 Meter Breaststroke!

Be Prepared To Get Splashed!

Watery, Thrilling, Fun!

The 200 meter breaststroke is a classic Summer Olympic Sport, and requires a lot of hard work and preparation. Who doesn't like a good dip in the pool on a hot day? This sport is sure to cool you off, and let you have some great fun competing against your teamates! The breaststroke is when you are lying on your chest, and you push your arms forward and then back in a circular movement. Your legs are tucked in toward your body, and then kicked out in a corresponding movement.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

The reason I am writng this article for "Sports Illustrated" is becasue I want to inform you about the sport (200 meter breaststroke), and tell you about how much the sport has changed and improved from the past Summer Olympics. To find out this information, I used a calculator to put the data in a data table, which allowed me to create a scatter plot, linear regression (lines of best fit), and eventually find out the intersection point.

Fun Fact: Akihiro Yamaguchi is a Japanease swimmer and world record holder who specializes in the breaststroke. His time for the 200 meter breaststroke is 127.01 seconds! :-)

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The Goal of the Study

The goal of this study was to see if men's and women's race times will ever be the same, or when women's times will eventually surpass the men's times. The goal of this study is to basically compare both genders times.

The Scatter Plot

The blue squares represent the male competitors and the magenta x's represent the female competitors.

The Linear Regression (Lines of Best Fit)

Each line represents the trend for the male and female Olympic Gold Medalists Times. The blue line represents the male trend line and the red line represents the female trend line.
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Did We Meet Up Yet?!?!

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The intersection point is where both the men's and women's time meets up. The intersection point means that they both will have the same time in the same year, they are both equal. If you were to set up equations, the intersection point would be a possible solution for both equations. Also, after the intersection point the red line (women) is now below the blue line (men) which it originally was not before the intersection point. This means that now the women are getting faster times than the men.

Nice Race, You Are Done!

The X Coordinate

The X Coordinate stands for years. The X Coordinate in my analysis means what year the man or woman raced and competed for the Olympic Gold Medal in.
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The Y Coordinate

The Y Coordinate stands for time (in seconds). The Y Coordinate in my analysis means how many seconds it took the man or woman to complete the 200 meter Breaststroke.
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