Elementary LMS Meeting Follow-up

May Meeting 2015

Risse's To Do List:

Risse will contact the principals and discuss:

  • goals for NEE for 2015-2016
  • mentorship for new LMS members
  • information related to AR Best Practices Alignment
  • continuation of meeting dates as the first Friday of the month from 1-3

Risse will work with:

  • C/O to get final approval for upgraded STAR and Early Literacy
  • Mr. Brazeal and Mr. Norrid to find a means to grant access to budgets
  • C/O to discuss if the budgets are accurate for the 2015-2016 school year and whether or not AR is going to be fully funded by the district

LMS May Things to Do

LMS staff members will need to:

  • consider monitoring and sharing information regarding discounts from vendors
  • create and disseminate a survey to the library patrons (bring to the first meeting in Aug)
  • send an email regarding how many boxes of purged materials you need transported to the Service Center-these materials need to be stamped