Team Westerhoff All Star Newsletter

March 2016 Celebrating February 2016

Hello All Stars!

Let's just get right to it! I have some things to share, but I will share them in these separate sections!

In this issue:

  1. Catalogs are your store front - are you OPEN for business?
  2. Conference is coming!
  3. Kick Start Your Business Kit!
  4. Mark your calendar for your April Better Together Meeting!
  5. Let's Celebrate February!

1. Your Thirty-One Catalog is your STORE! Are you open for business?

It is EXTREMELY hard to do parties...WITHOUT CATALOGS!
It is EXTREMELY hard to run a successful Thirty-One business...WITHOUT CATALOGS!

If you know a consultant for any company and you asked her for the catalog and she said, "just look online on my website" or "here is the link to the catalog online, I don't order the paper ones," would you want her to be your consultant? Unless it's is your mom, sister, or BFF, you would probably be wanting to go find another consultant who has invested in the tools you need as her customer or hostess to make your shopping experience as easy and fun as possible! I have had this type of consultant. HAD. My perception is that she didn't care enough about her business to invest in a basic tool. Maybe that wasn't true. But it was still my perception and I wanted someone who would be a great consultant for me, especially if I ever decided to host a party with her and put my friends and family in front of her. That's important!

People are SMART! They know what's up! Direct sales is more than 50 years old and people KNOW that every direct sales company has a catalog. This is, most definitely, indeed, your STORE FRONT! It is your NUMERO UNO tool to share what you have! We do not have a typical store front.

I am looking for people who want to JUMP START their business with a business PARTY PACK. Let's say you're wondering if this Thirty-One thing is for you, but you do not want to buy 25 catalogs and 50 order forms. I have the answer! I want to make it EXTREMELY EASY to get a handful of catalogs and business supplies in your hands so that you can JUMP START your business.

For $10 you get mailed to you:


This is below your cost! I want to invest in you and your business. Therefore, you can get a JUMP START PACKET once a year. However, if you are local to me, you can always come pick up supplies at my house.

One $40 order and you have gotten back your $10 investment. However, here's what I would do with this set! This is enough for TWO simple catalog parties. Get two friends and offer to give them the chance to get FREE products when they share their two catalogs around with their other friends. Have them collect at least $200 in orders each. You've just turned that $10 investment into $100! Take that $100 and invest a bit into MORE catalogs from Thirty-One. Book some home parties and/or more catalog parties off of those catalog parties and by using your "Who Do You Know" list and you are off and running!

If you want this set, PayPal me your $10 (you accept fees) to I'll send out your JUMP START PACKET right away! They are ready to go!
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2. Conference is coming!

It is that time of year! Time to get excited about Conference! I've got some inside scoop about this year's conference experience and I can tell you, it's not to be missed! For one, Conference is where we will FIRST hear about all of the new products for Fall! Two, our conference speakers this year are AMAZING! Three, we are having a whole new format where most of our content will be seen via the MAIN STAGE! So we will all be together MOST of the time!

Get more information on! Click Attend an Event!

Are you on Facebook? Join our Event via our Team Westerhoff All Star Lineage Group!
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Did you know that we have a team party calendar? Did you also know that you get entries into a drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card each month when you put your parties on our calendar? YES! That's right! If you do not win, are you a loser? NO WAY! In this case, EVERYONE is a winner because you just built your business each time you go out and party! Sales at the party and future business in the form of bookings and new team members! #winning!

You can let me know when you are partying this month, April and May and I will add your party to our calendar. You do not have to be on Facebook to participate, however, our calendars live on our Facebook Group for Team Westerhoff All Stars
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4. Register for April's Better Together Meeting!

I am cohosting in Parker on Sunday, April 17th at 5:00pm with Erika Pope, Dana Mulvihill and Krystal Blacke. It is at a NEW location, the Stroh Ranch Rec Center.

Register by logging into and then clicking Attend an Event. Choose Better Together Field Events and go from there! Please take registration seriously as your hosts prepare for your attendance and often pay for a room reservation and supplies for you. We understand that life happens, but please do your best to attend the meeting you register for. Thank you in advance for honoring your registration!

Why register for a Better Together meeting?
  • You're going to get some great information on how you can grow your business and have a great time while doing that!
  • Connection with sister Consultants
  • Celebration of your efforts in February & March
  • Special message from Cindy Monroe
  • Get ideas and get energized!

Important dates:

Consultant Registration Open: 03/18/2016

Consultant Registration Closed: 03/28/2016

Meetings Open: 04/16/2016

Meetings Closed: 04/23/2016
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Party People!

The following team members had at least TWO parties last month!
Two average parties ($600 PV) is $300 in commissions!

What would you do with $300?

Jill Walmer 9

Danielle Abbott 5

Erika Knutson 4

Sally McFadden 3

Becky Smith 2

Beth Fisher 2

Megan Self 2

Dana Mulvihill 2

Top in Personal Volume!

These team members sold at least $600 (the amount of one average party) this month. The commission on $600 is $150!

What would you do with $150??

Jill Walmer $ 4,857.00

Erika Knutson $ 2,759.00

Danielle Abbott $ 2,156.00

Beth Fisher $ 1,455.00

Sally McFadden $ 1,383.00

Sue Morrell $ 1,055.00

Dana Mulvihill $ 1,026.00

Cecelia Borjas $ 869.00

Judy Lewis $ 762.00

Megan Self $ 730.00

Jennifer Moran $ 702.00

Tara Lentz $ 685.00

$1000+ Parties!

Congratulations to Erika Knutson! You are the only person to have a $1000+ party this month!

Commission on $1000 is $250. What would you do with $250?

Erika Knutson $1236.00


These ladies have sponsored at least one new team member in February. Congratulations on building your business!

Two PEQA and you promote to Senior Consultant!
Four PEQA and meeting PV and TS requirements, and you promote to Director!
PEQA = Personally Enrollend Qualified and Active Consultants on your team.

Jill Walmer 2

Lucy Blanco 2

Sue Morrell 1

Tsonja Woodard 1

Cynthia Redden 1

Christa Connolly 1

Loretta Hahn 1

Welcome New Consultants!

We are so glad you've joined our team last month!
Wishing you all the best as you get your new business started!

Tristan Gallegos
sponsor: Sue Morrell

Veronica Navarrete
sponsor: Lucy Blanco

sponsor: Lucy Blanco

Ann Marie Porter
sponsor: Loretta Hahn

Tina Fuller
sponsor: Jennifer Westerhoff

Frances Knopp-
sponsor: Cynthia Redden

Jennifer Lake
sponsor: Tsonja Woodard

Kim Davis
sponsor: Christa Connolly

Amy DeNoyer-Hickey

sponsor: Jennifer Westerhoff

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Thirty-One Anniversaries!

Congratulations! Thank you for a great year!


Ashley Krumpelmann

Danielle Abbott


Brenda Kwang


Cecelia Borjas

Ashley Hursh

Dora Adame


Sherry Eppers

Katie Polk

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

These team members celebrate their birthday in March!!

Marianne Johansen

Megan Self

Rebecca Johnson

Ashley Suehiro

Sally McFadden

Caroline Shields

Lauren Medina

Donna Lyn Watson

Jennifer Dinges

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How to reach me!

If you want to talk about your business or ask me any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I do not have specific office hours because I love that my business is flexible and that I can take it on the road! My goal is to reply ASAP (often immediately!) but if not, within 48 hours. If for some reason I don't, it's likely I didn't get your message. You are not bothering me if you try again.