World war 2

How WWII effected canada

How many solider's went to WWII?

1.1 million solider's went to fight in World War 2,100,000 of them died and a lot were injured and some civilian we're even killed during the war.

How many women were working in WWII?

During World War 2 about 2 million women were working making bombs making clothes giving them medical things that help take out bullets and other proper armor they need so they don't get injuries.

Why did Canada join WWII?

Canada joined World War 2 because Hitlers army was killing the Jewish people so Canada as a united nation decided with the Britain forces to help Poland and bring Hitlers army down and bring peace so the German forces don't kill the Jewish people anymore.

When did WWII start and end?

World War 2 started 1939 September 3 for Canada and for Poland it started at September 1 the German forces surrendered at 1945 8 may.

What was the population during WWII?

When Canada entered World War 2 Canada's population was 11,250,000 and after World War 2 ended Canada's population was 12,000,000 the population increased because of the baby boom that happened when all the men came back from World War 2 all the women and men started living together and they made babies.

How did WWII effected Canada?

The first way how World War 2 effected Canada is all the nuclear weapons and the bombs that killed so many civilians that effected Canada's population. The last way how World War 2 effected Canada's navy and air forces was when the Britain forces joined Canada's air force and it's solider's increased when the Britain solider's joined Canada's navy for World War 2 to bring down Hitler and his army down and bring peace.