Classroom Coding with Ozobot

A Batteries Included Class at ESD 112

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Simple little bots - big, complex learning!

Want to introduce coding, robotics, and math concepts to your students - in a tactile way? You need Ozobots! These cute little robots are programmable, easy to use, and easy to store in your classroom. They’re intended for use from 3rd-10th grade and are incredibly versatile! Use them with Android or iOS devices or program them with drawings on paper - perfect for younger students. Older students can use Google Blockly coding language to get into more advanced concepts. This is a Batteries Included class--your registration fee includes the following:

  • 6 Ozobot Bits for use in small group instruction in your classroom
  • All required accessories and charging cables
  • 3 hours of instruction, exploration, and lesson planning ideas
  • 3 hours of group and individual work time to plan lessons you can take straight to your classroom!

This is the most fun you’ll ever have getting STEM clock hours! Don’t miss it!

Watch this video to see Ozobot in action.

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