School Safety

CTA Goodman Dedicated to Student Safety 2021-2022

July 9, 2021

School safety is such a serious topic and one that I put at the forefront as an elementary school principal. I want to dedicate this newsletter to student safety and procedures for the upcoming 2021-2022.

This year we will be using the CUSD re-opening plans for 2021-2022 as our guide to ensure safety and appropriate mitigation remains strong her at CTA Goodman.

  • Face coverings will be optional for students and staff
  • Large group gatherings will be conducted outside when and where feasible
  • Social distancing in our classrooms will be at 3 feet when feasible
  • Student will sit with classmates in lunchroom facing forward
  • Parent visits may occur at the approval of the administrator but limited to non-student areas only. Parent meetings may be held in person or a virtual option will be made available.
  • All contact-tracing and student quarantine guidelines will continue the current practice.
  • District staff and student exclusion guidelines (when sick student and staff should stay home) will remain with current practice.
  • Water Fountain will remain closed, but students may fill water bottles at filling stations.
  • We will continue having students wash and use hand sanitize through out the day to keep hands clean.
  • We will continue to limit the number of students in our grade level bathrooms.

We will keep you updated on our mitigations strategies as we make adjustments. We appreciate your support and kindness.

Walkers: Who Can Walk Home

  • Only students that live in the CTA Goodman boundary.
  • Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade are not permitted to walk home unless they are accompanied by an older sibling, providing the students live within the designated school boundary.
  • Students in 2nd Grade through 6th Grade are permitted to walk.

Does my student need a walker tag?

All students that walk will need a walker tag.

  • We will be issuing walker tags to only those students with an address that indicates they live within the designated school boundary.
  • Walker tags will be issued to students notating which gate they will use throughout the year. Each tag will have the gate name and a specific coordinating color.

Bicycles and Scooters

  • 2nd - 6th Grade students are permitted to ride bicycles or scooters to and from school with parental consent. Students are asked to walk their bikes or scooter while on campus and use the designated crosswalks. Failure to do so may result in the student losing the privilege of riding his/her bike or scooter.
  • Students are asked to park bikes and scooters in our bike rack on the East side of campus and secure them with a sturdy lock.

Kids Express

  • Students that attend the after-school program will be issued a Kids Express tag.
  • Kindergarten students will be escorted to the after-school program by a Kids Express staff member.

Parent Drop-off & Pick-up

  • Please have your car sign displayed.
  • Please stay in the line while entering the parking lot and follow signs.
  • Do not park your car in the drop-off/pick-up lane and leave it unattended.
  • Pull all the way forward to the furthest point possible (follow signs)
  • Children can only enter the car from the right side.
  • Please remain in your car.
  • Teachers or safety patrol will open the door and help your child into the car if needed.
  • If you need to assist with buckling your child in/out of the car please park in the front parking lot and walk to pick up your child.
  • Please do not use the parking lot as a parent pickup lane and park behind cars that are already parked in a designated space.
  • Parents must come to the gate to pick up your child/ren. Please walk up with your car sign so the person on duty can radio for your child/ren.

West Parking Lot Traffic Flow

Entering the Parking Lot

  • North on Coronado Street
  • East on Knox
  • Please utilize the turn lane when turning left into the drive through
  • After picking up your child you will Exit onto Knox - Right Turn Only
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Student Arrival Time

For your child's safety, no students are allowed on campus before 7:45 a.m. There is no adult supervision before 7:45 a.m. Student's that continually arrive early will be warned and parents will be contacted to arrange for an alternate plan for drop-off.

Thank you for your attention to these safety procedures.