Little Rock 9

High School at Little Rock isn't so rocky anymore!

Road to equality

In 1957 nine African American high schools students were escorted by the National Guard into Little Rock Central High School, an all white school. Due to angry mobs they needed protection from federal forces, to assure the safety of the students.

Was it successful?

This event was eventually successful. Although armed forces had to be present with the children, the school system was starting to have equality because 9 African American students integrated Little Rock Central School. Many more integrated schools started popping up around the U.S.

The Nine got escorted into the school on September 25, 1957

Why is this considered a part of the Civil Rights Movement?

This event changed the way children were educated. And taught that an African American boy was just as important as a white girl. It was one of the first solved issues to reach their goal, equality.

What problems were caused during the event?

Some people felt strongly against this movement. Some even acted with violence toward the teenagers. There was horrible things chanted at them while they tried to enter the school and disgusting acts being done to them such as stuff being poured on their heads.
If those 9 courageous students never integrated into that school back then, maybe today we would still be separated.
My personal reaction after hearing and watching video clips of this event was disgusted. I think it was sick and not right about how these kids were being treated based solely on their skin color. I am relieved that this is no longer a problem.