January 13, 2014

The Cloud Connection

Math: Students did a great job with their Mountain Math last week. We'll continue working on this every week or two as review for the rest of the year. We have Aimsweb testing this week and our Continental Math problem solving challenge. Students will be learning how to write division problems and what each part of the problem represents this week. Homework: Mon. 357-58, Tues. 363-364, Wed. Prob. Solving, Thurs. pg. 365-366.

Reading: This week we're reading a book written in poetic verse as we learn more about the genre of poetry. Students will read other poems of their choosing.

Language: We're working on a poetry unit this week. Students are learning about different styles of writing poetry and we'll practice using language to create special moments. I've decided that we'll do spelling this week and next week we'll work on vocab. Spelling words are on Spelling City and students are expected to practice their words in some manner at least three days over the week. The words are: remember, lamb, mumble, tremble, number, member, grumble, climb, crumb, scramble, limber, timber, limb, stumble, tumble, numb, comb, thumb, crumble and bumblebee

Social Studies: Since we didn't get to this last week it's been moved to this week: we'll begin our study of Alaska . We'll discuss what we already know and map the regions of AK.

Science: We are continuing to learn about simple machines this week and we'll review. A study guide went home today. There will be a test covering everything on the study guide next week.

Other items: Report cards are being sent home today. Unfortunately the comments I wrote on each card didn't print. Since I did this over the weekend I couldn't get assistance from our tech dept. and now it will take three of us an hour each to solve the issue. So my solution is to tell you that I won't be redoing those, but am always happy to discuss your child's progress with you and will be looking forward to our conferences Feb. 6 and 7. Feel free to call me if you have something you'd like to discuss earlier than conferences.

Please continue to collect box tops for us as there is another drive taking place in Feb.

Students should be reading for their weekly reading logs. The books students are reading for their next book report need to have a main character in them. I won't assign a particular genre. The next book report is in the format of a postcard. It will be due Feb. 19th. I'll send the directions for the project home next week after I've had a chance to go over the format with the class.

We now have Library on Wed., P.E. on Thurs. and Music on Fri. Wed. time is 10:55, Th. and F. our specials are at 10:35.

Martin Luther King Holiday

Monday, Jan. 20th, 8:30am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

No school today due to the National holiday.

Early Release and Awards Assembly

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 1-1:45pm

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Students will be released early today. We'll hold our 2nd qtr. awards assembly right after lunch and students will head home at 1:45 after the awards assembly.

Skiing begins

Thursday, Jan. 23rd, 3:15pm

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

The after school X-Country ski program begins Jan. 23. Every Mon. and Thurs. students will be skiing at the Baycrest trails until 5. Permission slips are available at the office. Students need their own equipment unless they have secured one of the few sets of equipment WHE has to loan.

Student Council Spirit Day

Friday, Jan. 31st, 8:30am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Students are encouraged to come to school in their nerdiest fashion today.