Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 33~May 2-6~


Thank a Teacher

May Assessments

SBAC Make ups: May 2-13

4/29: Math PT opens

K-5: May 16th- June 3rd

  • SRI
  • SMI
  • EDL
  • DRA

SIRA - May 23-June 3rd

SRI/SMI - testing begins May 2nd during Library time.

EDL/DRA testing window opens May 16, but we will have sub release effective May 2nd through June 2nd.

- sign ups for sub release time is located on the staff lounge door, please sign up at your earliest convenience. If you start now, you may have sign up for 2 slots. The sooner we secure the subs the better.


~Safe & Welcoming Environment~

PBIS: Tier 1 Assessment

Hello SEED Teachers,

I'm in the midst of completing brief Tier 1 assessments across all classrooms at my PBIS sites. The process will likely take 1 to 2 days, and will give your school's PBIS team some great information on which tier 1 practices are "living" in your classrooms. I'm excited to get started! Please click on this link to view the assessment for your reference. Thanks!

Christina Gillen, PBIS Coach

3rd Grade SEL Survey Window is Open Until April 29

OUSD’s SEL work includes an annual survey for 3rd grade teachers. Your help is needed to insure a response rate of at least 50% for the data to be valid.

Read More

Contact Sonny Kim, SEL Program Manager,

Revisiting our Rules

As the end of the year is approaching, now more than ever it is critical that we reinforce our rituals and routines.

Restroom passes - students must have pass at all time

TK-1: can be with a buddy

2-5: 1 pass = 1 student (no exceptions)

Line up/Pick up

Please ensure that you pick up your students on time from the line.

Yard Supervision

Please adhere to the yard supervision schedule, we need you to help us maintain a safe play environment.

Healthy Snacks

Only healthy snacks are allowed at school; when students bring junk food, we are happy to replace their junk food with fruit or a healthier snack.

May Character Development


Month-long Focus: Reflect on the Year

Learning Target:

I can reflect on how respectful, collaborative, honest, compassionate, responsible, and perseverant I have been this year.

I can appreciate my crew members for helping me this year.

End-of-Year Reflections forms can be found through this link.


Community Assembly/Crew

Community Assembly: GROUP B

Tapia & Vidal

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Queznel

Ferrus-Garcia A & Davis

Hudson A & Garcia-Pena A


Udovic & Perrone
Saleski & Cato
Pastrana & Nunez


Gudiol A & Zucker A



2nd & 5th Grade: Dual Language Report Card

The DL report card will be discussed during ILT to better identify a process and space for the 2nd & 5th grade teachers to engage in this work. Teacher paid extra time can/will be considered for this work or alternative recommendations will be generated by ILT & grade level leads.

The screencast to guide an approximately one-hour session on the DL Report cards is ready for grades 2nd to 5th for the Trimester 3 pilot. See it at the link below:

DL Report Card T-3 Pilot Screencast-4-2016

Guide--T-3 2015-16 DL Report Card Pilot Screencast

1. It will take about an hour to complete it including the time to stop for activities (the actual screencast is 23 minutes long).

2. It can be done in grade levels, or in one large group of all participating 2nd to 5th grade teachers.

3. ELLMA will cover stipends for this training in cases when sites cannot include this training as part of Wednesday PLC or some other regular work day time.

4. If you would like me, Mike Ray to lead the one-hour session, please feel free to contact me.

5. Ideally, you will hold the session by 5/18/16.

Any questions, please contact Michael Ray.

UPDATE: Summer School Program

UPDATE: SEED will focus on in-coming 2nd & 3rd graders & all grades Newcomers:

  • Number of slots: 21
  • Number of Newcomer slots: 6 (in-coming K-5)

-We will recruit 35 students but ONLY select 27 from the list.

-The rest of the students will be placed on a waiting list.


  • 95% attendance
  • excellent to moderate behavior
  • below grade level to approaching in DRA

Attention 1st & 2nd grade teachers, please begin identifying students that meet this criteria; Emily will also prepare a list of qualifying students for your convenience.

Click here for more information on the Summer School Hub!


April CAL200 PE Minutes report are due May 15th

A hard copy of the PE Minutes report can be found in the staff sign-in tablet in the front office. You can also submit your report via the below link.

Please click on the link below to take you to the PE Minutes Teacher Report.

Teachers: PE Minutes Report


We will have a series of SSTs cycles to finish up the school year. Here are the dates:

May 3rd:

8:45 AM - Raymel Jackson TBD

9:30 AM - Jibril Maddox

10:20 AM - Bryan Romero

12:15 PM - Cielo Magallanes

2:00 PM - Princess McClain

May 5th:

8:45 AM - Geral Taylor

9:30 AM - Steven Lopez

10:30 AM - Jahasiel Esquivel

12:15 PM -

2:00 PM - King Ali

May 6th:

9:00 AM - Ossfary Madrigal

10:15 AM - Jaraiya Bellamy

12:100 PM - Halo Webb

2:15 PM - Mateo Delucchi


Library Books

Mr. Todd will be providing you a list of all the students with outstanding books. Please support us in ensuring that you remind your students to return the books.

Teachers, please also begin submitting any library books that you have checked out. This will also be part of out the EOY CICO process.

Last day to check out books will be communicated by Mr. Todd in the next following weeks.

Report Card Window

Some important dates to keep in mind:

  • 5/1/16--Illuminate DL report card window opens
  • 5/9/16--Aeries report card window opens
  • 6/15/16--Aeries report card window closes: last chance for changes
  • 6/19/16--DL report card window in Illuminate closes: last chance for change


Monday, May 2nd

SBAC Make ups

Tuesday, May 3rd


May 3rd:

8:45 AM - Raymel Jackson TBD

9:30 AM - Jibril Maddox

10:20 AM - Bryan Romero

12:15 PM - Cielo Magallanes

2:00 PM - Princess McClain

3:00-4:00 PM
PBIS Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 4th

SBAC Make ups

1:45-2:45 PM

Vertical Alignment for Programmatic Revisions by Emily, Dale, & Beatrice

Location: P6

2:45-3:30 PM

Grade level collaboration notes due

3:45-4:45 PM

Personnel Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 5th

SBAC Make Ups


May 5th:

8:45 AM - Geral Taylor

9:30 AM - Steven Lopez

10:30 AM - Jahasiel Esquivel

12:15 PM -

2:00 PM - King Ali

9:00-10:00 AM

Drama Club Performance

Location: Auditorium

Beatrice @ Principal Meeting

3:30-4:30 PM

Culture & Climate Committee Meeting

Re: Planning for May 9th Staff Meeting

Friday, May 6th


May 6th:

9:00 AM - Ossfary Madrigal

10:15 AM - Jaraiya Bellamy

12:100 PM - Halo Webb

2:15 PM - Mateo Delucchi

9:00-10:00 AM

Drama Club Performance

Location: Auditorium

3:00-5:00 PM

ILT Meeting


I. Finalize SPSA

II. DL Report Card

III. 16-17 Assessment Calendar

IV. 16-17 PD calendar

V. National Equity Project Retreat (June 27-28)

VI. Teacher Lead Report Out

What's coming up?

5/9 - Staff meeting


  • 16-17 SY class lists grade level work time
  • Tech Committee Meeting
  • Personnel Committee Meeting


  • Bike to School Day
  • COST

5/13 - State assessment window closes

5/16 - PBIS Meeting

5/18 - DL Vertical Alignment PD


Teacher's College Reading Workshop Summer Institute

Teacher's College Reading Workshop Summer Institute

We are bringing Teacher's College back this summer for another Reading Workshop institute. Please see the following link for more information.

Full Announcement

Contact Julie Bennett, Elementary Language and Literacy Coordinator,