Football Plays of 2013

Top 5

Central Florida Game Winner

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I chose this as number five because it was an amazing athletic play. In this game the quarterback overthrew a game winning touchdown pass. Instead of missing the catch the wideout dove and caught the ball one handed.

North Carolina Punt Return

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I chose this because a five foot seven wideout ran through 12 lineman. Not only did he get a great return but he scored . This was pretty average except for the fact that is was his fifth of the year.

Auburn Tip Drill

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I chose this because it won the game for Auburn. If the defenders hadn't tipped the ball the wideout wouldn't have caught it. Not only did he catch it off of the tip he caught it one-handed and scored.

Colts Comeback

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I chose this because Andrew Luck led the colts into a comeback victory against the excellent Chiefs. A comeback is pretty common except that this one was from 28 points. Also this win let them stay in the playoffs.

Auburn Field Goal Return

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I chose this because an Auburn player returned a missed field goal for 109 yards. This play boosted them into the SEC championship. Also it kept them in the running for the National Championship.