The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By McCaden Biever


The theme is never give up just keep on trying.Work hard at everything you do.


I like tom because he is like me he is not the best at sports he is SHY. I think he is like me. He is NICE FUN to be with and dos not have a temper.

tom's change

Tom changed alot in the story at the begining he was SHY witch he still is but what I am trying to say is that now he beleves in himself.He belived he could get that hit at the beginning of the story he would not have ben able to do that.


I think the climax was probbly when Cruz left like that is just not like him to do that. just leave wered. Cruz LOVES baseball he is the BEST player on the team.

Leslie Wajer

She is my hero because she has ben my teacher for 2 years I like her like a SECOND mom. She is there for me when I am having truble and she is so NICE. I go to her LAKE house EVERY year. That is my hero.